Dustin' off the cobwebs

Well it's been a while. Half of that is due to managing to not really get out a holiday card last year - we tried but most of them got sent to our parents to distribute to whomever they saw and a few people who's addresses we knew bc they hadn't changed since the previous year. But without a card reminding people of what's meant to be a live newsletter I had even less motivation to write about our escapades.
I'd say another factor is Instagram/Facebook for photo sharing. That is a much more regular update of what we do bc it's far less effort. PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.
The third factor is the tiny human who is trying to close the laptop and smash the keys as I attempt as I type. He's cute but he's into everything which makes the to-do list grow as the time to complete them seems to shrink with every new milestone he hits.

2017 was a roller coaster of USAF meetings and partings. We had to say good-bye to 2 families that we were so blessed to reunite/stay with in our NM adventure. But we also got to say welcome back to truly wonderful friends who have been overseas for 3 years. And bonus they're in the state next door so we've already seen them twice and will be seeing them again soon. That was more than I ever dreamed would happen when they left.

T has PCA'd now here twice. Once to a different squadron and now on to the group. He's really loving it, and it really suits his wants and skills. He's been pretty happy with his job since we began this career path but this is the first time he's really felt like he found a niche to fit into. So, at least at this current moment, despite his official commitment being served, he wants to stay in as long as the AF will have him.

H is in First Grade at the same school as last year. She just had to say goodbye to her best friend (like I said, emotional year) who moved to England at the beginning of the month. She's doing well and still loves to read above all else.

B started Kindergarten and he has H's teacher from last year. Which I am so happy with because a) she's great and b) we didn't have to get to know another teacher again. He's really into numbers and has also started reading, although he's certainly not as passionate about book as his sister.

N turned 1 and walks like a champ. He's not talking yet, but we're started both speech & developmental therapy at the pediatrician's recommendation. He's been evaluated and had one playdate with the speech therapist and one with developmental specialist. In the future they'll try and come together but holiday scheduling is tough on everyone! At first I thought it wasn't necessary so early but the experience so far and our team at Zia has been so wonderful I'm really excited to work with them and help him be able to communicate better.

We've just returned from a quick trip to Kansas to meet our nephew! I know it's much more K & J's news, the baby, but he is our very first nibling and we just adore him so much. Plus it's exciting to be an Aunt & Uncle!

We'll be home for the Christmas holiday, but we've got a lot of fun stuff coming up next year already starting to fill up the calendar, and then ideally shared with you!

Love & Hugs


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