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2018 Newsletter!

Well cards went out, and I've gotten some messages today about receiving them because my kids are insanely adorable this year in their matching christmas jammies. So card time is the annual reminder that I have a blog that's supposed to circumvent the whole end of the year wrap-up by detailing our adventures as they happen. Oopsies. This year, in part, is that we don't really have a lot of news. Still kickin' it in New Mexico. We did make the move from our in town rental to base housing in June. The timing was perfect - the kids got to finish the year at their school and we got the keys to the house 5 days before our lease was up. H & B now have their own rooms -- B doesn't exactly love it but he's getting better about leaving her alone when she wants to read. H started second grade and B began first at the base elementary school. My favorite thing is that they can walk home from school now so N's nap can happen later in the afternoon which is his na

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