2018 Newsletter!

Well cards went out, and I've gotten some messages today about receiving them because my kids are insanely adorable this year in their matching christmas jammies. So card time is the annual reminder that I have a blog that's supposed to circumvent the whole end of the year wrap-up by detailing our adventures as they happen. Oopsies.

This year, in part, is that we don't really have a lot of news. Still kickin' it in New Mexico. We did make the move from our in town rental to base housing in June. The timing was perfect - the kids got to finish the year at their school and we got the keys to the house 5 days before our lease was up. H & B now have their own rooms -- B doesn't exactly love it but he's getting better about leaving her alone when she wants to read.

H started second grade and B began first at the base elementary school. My favorite thing is that they can walk home from school now so N's nap can happen later in the afternoon which is his natural rhythm. They also love playing with kids in the neighborhood, which is another perk of base living.

I mentioned in last year's highlight reel that N was speech & developmentally delayed and beginning early intervention (EI) services with Zia Therapy. They are WONDERFUL. He took a few weeks to warm up - and honestly for the adults, too, to get in a groove - but then he just took off! He met all his goals for the year by his 6 month review so we set new goals and he met over half of those before we could even file the paperwork! He's now just as chatty as his siblings were and in that phase where they basically narrate every single minute of their day. Good thing the little voices are so darn cute.

 I'm doing yoga regularly and have been considering putting N in daycare part time so I can volunteer more for the kids' school, work out, possibly go back to school, etc. But I haven't been very proactive in searching for a solution bc he's my little buddy. I know I'll love it if I ever get there, but right now I just think I'll miss him and I'll feel guilty about paying for care when that's what I'm supposed to be here for. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

T still flies with the same squadron he did last year, and he's still loving his time at the group. His commitment officially ended and he signed up for another 5. You could pick 5-9 and while it is still his intention to give 20+, as long as the AF will have him, this life is challenging at times and the kids are growing so fast I wanted a chance to reevaluate things at that time. It makes me feel like I have some control (LOL) over the future.

Speaking of what's next, currently nothing! We're gearing up for some more goodbyes - and some have already gone - but as far as we know we'll be here for a bit yet. T has an ideal path laid out, and fingers crossed it will line up with the needs of the AF, but like I said he's really happy here in his job.

And that's us just chugging along. We're finally hitting our stride as a family of 5.


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