Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Saturday Hike!

We were supposed to go to El Paso this past weekend to get a recall fixed on T's car. Something to do with the air bags I think. It's the closest dealership to service his car, so instead of him spending another day away from us as if he were at work we decided to all go. Figured we'd hit up a pumpkin patch, get N some 3 month old portraits taken, just make a day of it.

When he called to schedule the appointment, he found they don't have the part for the recall and they'd have to order it. I was surprised, but I guess in thinking about it his car is a 2004 and a few generations old so it's not all that shocking they don't have parts on hand for it. We talked about going anyway to get out of the house, but ugh. It's a 2 hour drive one way. It's too hot for pumpkins to last this early - we learned from Vegas, in the desert you gotta carve pumpkins as close to the 31st as time allows. And he'd have to go back in the next weekend or two whenever the part comes in. So we decided against it.

Instead we headed up into the mountains for a hike and a picnic! The weather is cooling off - ish (it was still 89 when i picked H up for school yesterday, booooooooo). The kids will do anything outside if it involves food. I wanted some exercise that's not running laps around our neighborhood. We asked some friends who've taken their small kids to the same area to hike for a good trail, and off we went. We didn't quite make sense of the trails and distances before setting off so our planned mile hike turned into almost two and a half! It was some hard work, but a whole lot of fun. The kids were troopers. A little whining about when exactly we were gonna eat. And then after our picnic a little bit of "i'm tired of walking; when will be in the carrrrr". But as soon as their groans of not wanting to walk anymore were met with responses of okay cool hope you like sleeping here with all the animals they sucked it up and finished the trail.

 starting our adventure

 what a view

 Look! I see white sands!

Family Fun!

Mexican Canyon Trestle - Our Lunch Destination

Monday, April 18, 2016

Eggcellent Fun

A few months ago I saw someone share this craft idea on Facebook. I regrettably don't have the link to the blogger or whomever originated it to give proper credit to the idea. This is one of the reason I don't like when people share things to FB instead of Pinterest. It's difficult to find something you found earlier and almost impossible to credit the source. Anyway. . .

The project was a painting one. You crack eggs as minimally as possible when you use them, rinse them out, fill them with paint, and throw them at canvases. It just looked SO FUN. So I texted a quick screen shot to my friend and neighbor (😬!) saying I know it sounds like a crazy idea, buuuuuut. And we decided to do it. So a little before Easter, on a nice sunny afternoon we embarked on the craft.

(Click on the pictures for a larger view)

The process. . . 

 And the aftermath . . . 


Overall I think it turned out great. I wasn't sure what to do as far as propping the canvases up. I think it would've been better if we'd had easels to set the canvases a little higher. But I didn't want to buy six easels and a table, and I thought it would be a little nuts if we tried to make them wait their turns. The jungle gym was a suitable backdrop. I think with just a little bit more age (and throwing strength!) and a higher canvas these kids will be pros. It's definitely something I'd do again. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Big Changes

It's been a while, and we've got quite a bit going on. Or rather, some things have been done and some things are up & coming.

The Done

WE MOVED!  We went on the VML in the spring and got our orders to report in December. We requested the latest date they could accommodate, and we were pleased with our result. While moving over the holidays added a bit of extra chaos, we needed to feel comfortable leaving Vegas with B's care & OT post-surgery (the poor kiddo had a second operation for his polydactyly in August, but that is a story for another day). 

T is learning to be an instructor down in NM where he trained nearly 4 years ago. He's very happy with the assignment - he really loves being an IP. But it's not without its struggles. He is finding that teaching brand new, never-flown-this-plane-before students are trickier to teach than he those who came into their squadron in Vegas. He's still finding his balance between covering all the necessities without going into too much detail. That's why they teach you how to teach, I suppose! 

The Upcoming

Promotion! T's commission year finally went up for their Major boards and the results came out and the end of last month. He was selected to promote to the rank of Major, which is fantastic! He truly wants to put in his full 20, but the AF is a move up or get out type of system. Prepping his application for it took I think about a year, not including going back to school to get a Masters degree. I had confidence he'd make it, but it was definitely not a given at this level. I am really proud of him and thankful for the leadership he's had looking out for his goals. 

Just for family's awareness his actual promotion date is not set yet and probably will take 10-12 months to do. The process of promoting at this stage is staggered. So the list comes out, you are assigned a line number and they promote people in smaller batches of a few hundred instead of all 2000+ at once. 

Baby! We are expecting a little boy in mid-July. He helped keep our tradition of PCSing while pregnant. I gotta say I have moved while 35 weeks, 20ish weeks, 11 days postpartum, and now 5-9 weeks; this time was the worst one. It also was the first time we sold a house which prolonged the process, but it was ROUGH. I was so sick. There was a day when the kids watched cartoons for like 9 hours while I alternated head over the toilet or napping on the bathroom floor. 

We're halfway through and I've been feeling better for about a month. I'm still TIRED. All the time. The lack of caffeine doesn't help the situation. The kids are mostly good about understanding when I need to rest and still sometimes nap. Even though they have given up nap time since moving and sharing a room. And in the mornings they have a wake clock that lights up green when they can get out of their room. Most days B is chomping at the bit and he'll come busting through my door like the kool-aid man 1 minute past wake-up time "MY CLOCK IS GREEEEEEN! PLEASE CAN I HAVE BREAKFAST". Occasionally H gets up first and peeks in quietly. I can hear them in their room starting when they first wake up, which is usually anywhere from 30-60 minutes before wake up time, so I'm not usually asleep, but if I'm very still she will close the door and softly say "shhh mommy is sleeping" and entertain B until I come out on my own. I must teach her how to bring me my (decaf, blerg) coffee. . .

The kids are excited for a baby. They like to talk to and about him. H even drew a picture of her and I doing something and included a baby in my midsection. Drawing baby is about as big as her and definitely looks like it's coming out but I love it. It's on our fridge. B doesn't quite understand time as well yet so he still asks a lot when. H understands at least it will be after her birthday. No one is disappointed it's a little brother, although I really think like us they would've been happy either way.

The End
So those are the big updates of the last year-ish it's been since I last posted. The kids are pretty good right now at playing independently, so hopefully this kickstarts more regular updating. Until a newborn is thrown in and then all bets are off, ha. 

Love & Hugs