Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Last year I tried and mostly succeeded on spending the month of November writing each day something I'm thankful for.  It was an exercise to get me used to regularly blogging, and also very healthy for the soul to actively take time to appreciate what is good.

I've noticed on facebook quite a few people are repeating the trend this year.  Lord knows I could use the reminder.  With a husband who is TDY and now 2 opinionated, demanding, tantrum-throwing toddler/terrorists attempting a mutiny every day I have had significantly more time spent focusing on the bad.

But if you've also noticed it's 11 days in and I haven't made any posts. While a good number of my choices are strongly rooted in laziness, this is actually by design.  When I thought about trying to do it again this year, I really began to think what could I be thankful for. And November 2013 could pretty much be a carbon copy of November 2012.  Probably with the exception of Notre Dame football.  What happened this year, guys?

I'm off topic.  The point is I'm SUPER GLAD that this is my situation. As much as trying this experiment would be good for me, I'm quite content re-directing y'all to last year's life and saying "it's the same; guys! guys! it's the same!"

So much of our lives, as is with a lot of military families', is ALL. ABOUT. CHANGE. We've lived in more cities than years we've been married. We had a bonus babytm completing our first (and hopefully only) set of Irish twins. T has changed AF career fields 3 times. You see where I'm going here.

Things that have changed this year:
  • I now have 3 wonderful godchildren

  • I've joined MOMS club which is a lifesaver

  • Through that I've made some of the most amazing friends, including a couple more who have been unwittingly added to the "you are stuck with me for life" list

  • Women I love keep popping out babies that I get to snuggle and love and eat and think are the best ever.  And now Kinley & Caris are added to the group of babies that make my ovaries scream "moar babbehz 4 you!" 

Let's do this, next year! May we be in this same spot next fall. Because if I have to be "stuck" not moving forward, this is a pretty good spot to be -- full of warmth, love, and babies that aren't mine.

Friday, November 1, 2013


We spent this halloween away from daddy but we definitely weren't alone.  We crashed on friends' neighborhood for some dinner and trick-or-treating festivities.  Which, by the way, my kids were terrible at trick-or-treating. H was just sooooo slow and B only wanted to be carried or running down the street yelling 'aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh'.  But we had such a good time.

Everyone loved her Einstein costume.  And honestly the majority of people got it without being told.  I spent the first half of the night coaxing her into getting candy for B (read: me) and we spent the second half of the night with strangers not understanding her desire for more candy saying "I need B[****]'s candy. I need to put in his bucket."

Along the way we ran into a very special princess and also got hop into her house and meet her new little sisters!  I can't wait to get my hands on them for longer this weekend!!

(I don't know why I can't rotate this. Probably an issue with the import from my phone. 
Just turn your head.)

I do have to thank my friends.  It took 5 adults and 7 children to take me from a "I don't want to trick-or-treat or dress up or leave the house or deal with people or do anything other than sit here sad and lonely and frustrated" to having so much fun.  Before going to bed last night I saw their candy buckets.  And I just could not stop smiling. I was overcome by love for them.  Which is still a treat for me, from postpartum difficulties to getting consistently overwhelmed when I have to play the single mom role as I am now.

T is TDY.  H & B are a handful.  But we are loved. And looked after. And we really have the best people.

Plus I pretty much get an endless supply of cuddles from this little snuggly girl which is also great therapy!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Time for turkey :)

Love & Hugs