Tuesday, January 25, 2011


*If you don't watch "Community" the title of this post will make no sense to you, lol.

She's getting big & strong enough for me to start feeling her movements! I've been feeling her move for a few weeks but in the beginning it's just a strange sensation. It's like a gas bubble or that feeling like your stomach drops when you go over a roller coaster. It was weird when I first noticed it and started piecing together what it was. I talked to my cousin, Amy, who had a baby last year and she told me that was exactly how she first felt him move.

But now she actually moves in specific spots, and it's clear that the move was a kick or a punch. For the most part, it's still too weak to feel on the outside. Not for lack of trying. When we're just watching our TV shows at night T will sit there with his hand on my tummy. I always feel badly when she moves and I excitedly ask if he felt it, but he doesn't. Twice, though, she's been really active enough for him to feel it too. :)

Every new milestone in this process is a blessing and a curse. Feeling her move is so exciting, but it's a reminder that we're already halfway through and she's going to be here before we know it! It feels like just yesterday I was saying 'uh honey I think we need to buy a pregnancy test'. And now in just about 4 months we'll be thrown into the world of parenting, ready or not - most likely not because whoever really is, lol - making it up as we go along.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Last week we had our ultrasound. So far so good, baby is growing nicely! :)

The first part of the test - the reason I had to chug & hold so much water - was checking on the baby's environment, making sure it's giving her enough room, that the fluid levels are good, etc. The weather was bad that day so we ended up getting to the appointment early and I had finished the water beforehand so I was bursting before they even called me back, but I made it.

The rest of the exam was all about getting measurements of li'l Ned. For a while in the beginning, the tech was thinking we were going to have to come back because she was not cooperating. She wouldn't take her hand away from her head which was inhibiting the brain & head measurements. But eventually we knocked it away and got enough information to satisfy the tech.

The tech took a picture of her hand since it kept getting in the way; she thought Ned must want us to take a good look, hehe. That was actually a really cool moment though because we got to see her face. She was trying to catch her hand in her mouth. I won't lie, the image was creepy, but all together amazing at the same time.

She's a little pudge already though, apparently. She was measuring pretty much right on 19 weeks for everything except her belly which is already measuring at 20 :). There didn't seem to be anything to worry about with that, though. And according to Monica on "Friends" it's good for the baby to "come out all cute and fat".

I do use the pronoun "she" because even though the stubborn kid had legs completely closed when they were trying to see the few glimpses two different techs got made them both independently guess girl. So that combined with the nurse's prediction from the 12 week exam, has given us relative confidence she's a girl.

And I've got a feeling she's going to take after her momma's love for shoes because her foot was the only body part she was more than willing to show and pose for. I took it to mean, "size me up mommy I'm gonna need some cute shoes when I get outta here" :)

This is the best profile shot we could get:

As you can see, hand up by her face. We're actually looking at her from the left and that's the back of her right hand against her head. She's clearly done with the paparazzi.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

We began the festivities this year by meeting the Clark side in Kansas City. Being grown ups with jobs and such makes it very difficult to get together, but we did our best with what we had. We really wanted to get out that way ASAP so we could share the good news in person.

Group shot, thanks to Brittany for taking the picture :)

We were able to start the day by meeting Grandma & Grandpa Allen at Granite City at the Kansas Speedway for lunch. It was delicious, of course, and full of good conversation. I let T be in charge of dropping the news, but when lunch was more than half over w/o him saying anything I kind of steered the conversation in that direction :).

Then we met up with Mom & Dad and decided to check out the Power & Light District while we waited for K to get off work and for D & Brittany to make it up after his flight landed. We ended up bowling which was really fun!! I hadn't bowled in years, and neither had anyone else it seemed. We were all pretty evenly matched but I was super excited, I won by one pin! :)

K got off work and we headed out to the AMC theatre to enjoy the "fork & screen" service where you watch a movie while eating & drinking. It was pretty much the most amazing idea I've ever seen. We were going to see "How Do You Know" with Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson & Reese Witherspoon but there weren't 5 seats together so we ended up at "Tron: Legacy". From what I hear, it was a blessing because no one I know has given "How Do You Know" a positive review, haha.

After the movie, everyone was finally in town & we went to the hotel to give everyone our gifts. Which, incidentally, was the most important part of our weekend because it's how we planned on telling everyone.

The moment they figured out what exactly it was. . .

Happy Grandparents-to-be!!

We hung out talking, playing Blokus, sending the boys to find some fountain pop, you know the usual, for the rest of the night. The next morning we basically had time for mass and then we had to get back to the airport to return the rental car and check our bag for our flight home. It was a whirlwind, but very much worth it. We of course wish we had been able to spend more time and even make it down to Salina to be able to see more family & friends but hopefully we'll be back soon when T is done with this strict rotation and can actually take leave for more than two consecutive days.


Actual Christmas wasn't exactly as tradition calls for, again due to the NOAC job, but fortunately we were able to drive up and do most things with the Johnson side. My 95 year old diabetic grandmother was actually feeling up to spending a night away from the nursing home and joined us which was fantastic! Dad & T went down to pick her up Christmas Eve morning. We all went to the usual 4 o'clock mass that evening before coming home to do eating & presents. In addition to GG, we had another special treat - Kay joined us for church. She has always come over on Christmas Eve after gifts, but this year she was around for all of it! :)

I was too busy opening presents and making sure the dogs (we had 4 there that night) didn't get into them to take any other pictures, but I made sure to get everyone in their nice clothes before the comfys came out, haha. The girls finished the night by playing cards which is grandma's favorite thing. Mom & I were euchre partners and we took Kay & Grandma for 70 cents in three games :). T used his new whirley pop and popcorn oils/seasonings to make delicious movie theatre style popcorn for everyone.

Christmas morning, my dad's sister, Aunt Barbie, came over and made french toast - another tradition. Usually we'd see the other members of my dad's family but they stayed in Michigan this year. We wouldn't have seen them anyway because we had to leave pretty much right after breakfast so T could get changed and get into work. We made it home, T spent the night at the NOAC and I watched Elf with Piper before going to bed.

All in all, our holiday was good. We made the best of the work schedule and crammed in everything we could when we could. I know I got crazy spoiled by everyone, which I suppose is very appropriate as a last hurrah of sorts seeing as how come June I will forever come second to our adorable baby :).

Love & Hugs