*If you don't watch "Community" the title of this post will make no sense to you, lol.

She's getting big & strong enough for me to start feeling her movements! I've been feeling her move for a few weeks but in the beginning it's just a strange sensation. It's like a gas bubble or that feeling like your stomach drops when you go over a roller coaster. It was weird when I first noticed it and started piecing together what it was. I talked to my cousin, Amy, who had a baby last year and she told me that was exactly how she first felt him move.

But now she actually moves in specific spots, and it's clear that the move was a kick or a punch. For the most part, it's still too weak to feel on the outside. Not for lack of trying. When we're just watching our TV shows at night T will sit there with his hand on my tummy. I always feel badly when she moves and I excitedly ask if he felt it, but he doesn't. Twice, though, she's been really active enough for him to feel it too. :)

Every new milestone in this process is a blessing and a curse. Feeling her move is so exciting, but it's a reminder that we're already halfway through and she's going to be here before we know it! It feels like just yesterday I was saying 'uh honey I think we need to buy a pregnancy test'. And now in just about 4 months we'll be thrown into the world of parenting, ready or not - most likely not because whoever really is, lol - making it up as we go along.


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