Off he goes . . .

Took T to the airport this morning to get his flight evaluation down in Texas. Currently he's safe in his layover in Dallas. Apparently, to be "safe" they cut his orders to keep him there until 30 January, in case they need him that long. But they also said the process should take 3 - 5 days. I believe the first appointment is actually tomorrow. He's supposed to log his thoughts & experiences, but he gets distracted & forgets, hehe :).

Here's to hoping he can come back early - But not the 24th because I have a baby shower in Kalamazoo to go to. :) Also to hoping, with lots of prayers, that everything goes perfectly and he gets back in a cockpit this year!


    Kat safe travels when you are heading to Kalamazoo.
    Love you all

  2. And by went, I mean goes, I was really obviously not reading the date of this post correctly lol.


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