. . . Into the Wild Blue TX

So here I am in Texas again, finally being seen by the medical folks after nearly two & a half years!

The first couple days of my evaluation have gone swimmingly: I met with my case manager, the flight surgeon assigned to my case, the neuropsychiatrist, had an MRI & EEG, & completed a few neuropsychological exams. Everyone has expressed their optimism for my special case & has been very open & friendly in talking with me about it.

Even though everything seems to be progressing well so far, I was cautioned to remember that these folks don't actually write the waiver, they only provide a recommendation to those that do. Granted, nine times out of ten the decision follows the recommendation, but it's possible.

So after I finish my evaluations down here, AETC should get a recommendation to waive my head — er, cranium injury or to not & based on that, decide to return me to UPT. I have no idea how long that decision process will take, but here's hopin' sooner rather than later!

- Posted on the road from my iPhone


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