Saturday, December 17, 2011

second half of 2011 recap

We had H in June.  In July and part of August T was TDY so I pretty much adjusted to a new baby while we had visitors to help me out.  At the beginning of August she took her first plane ride to visit my extended family in Ohio.

On the plane with Grandma!

 So happy that my grandmother got to meet her before she died.  I'm really glad to have that memory.

Swimming at Aunt Kay's!

 In September we got to take a trip to see T's friends & family for Alex & Nicole's wedding.  It was a super fast weekend, due to T's work schedule, but it was so much fun!  The happy couple was beautiful, of course.  And we found a new purpose for the diaper bag – sneaking wine into the beer-only reception.  In case you were wondering, a Kate Spade Stevie baby bag can hold 3 bottles ;). 

 The Vows!

 Trying to get her to model her outfit!

 Her Aunties!

 The most important function of the diaper bag to-date.  Bottles for H; bottles for Aunt K & Grandma! :)

 Those two know how to have fun!

 Play nice!

In October we took a trip to Notre Dame to have H baptized.  We realized with all the moving we're going to be doing, we really wouldn't have a home parish for a while, so we thought it would be a great way to start our children's faith to have them all baptized at Notre Dame.  The sacrament took place in the Log Chapel and then we had food & booze back in our hotel room :)

 Getting Baptized

 Her Godparents - Alex & Kay

Enough pictures, enough being held, I want to stand!!

 We've made some pretty awesome friends in the short time we've been here, and we took H trick-or-treating with her little friends.  And then on the weekend had a small shindig for the grown ups!
 The babies!

 We had a bug theme going on :) 

 Cute family :)

 Just some of the fare we served
 Cupcakes galore! A pumpkin patch & our attempt at the haunted castle oooooooooh.

Aren't we cute?

Then, boom it's Thanksgiving already.  My parents, Kay, & my Aunt Barbie came into town for the long weekend.  We went to the Alamo, the Riverwalk & out to Gruene.  For the actual Thanksgiving dinner our friends & baby H's besties were kind enough to join us! I made the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, & pumpkin pie.  My mom made stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer & prosciutto-wrapped asparagus.  My friend Jenn brought over a cheese ball, the sweet potato dish, & an amazing cheesecake.  We had wine, conversation, & great food while the babies were good and played or napped. I only have pictures of the food because when we were done no one really thought about pictures.

Now it's Christmas season!  We wanted to go the squadron holiday party last weekend but T got massively sick with a nasty stomach bug that made its way around the office and H had her 6-month shots so she hadn't slept well.  And Mommy was up all night alternately taking care of both of them so by Saturday morning the last thing on my mind was a party. 
I think we made up for it today, though!  We had a really cute Christmas breakfast with our friends, & H's betrothed.  Reindeer pancakes, mimosas & smoothies! 

 festive beverages!

poor reindeer's eye started to melt off before I could grab a photo, but he was delicious!

We left to finish up some shopping & errands, came home, had a wretched time getting the snot to nap and then went to a really fun party with most of T's class!  There was great food, drinks, cool people & kids everywhere!  But that's what you get when your class is the odd one with most members having families.  The chaos felt very  much like home for both of us, and for the first time I really actually felt like it was Christmas! 

Hoping everyone has a safe & happy holiday and that I do a much better job of updates in 2012!  <3

Sunday, December 11, 2011

We're still here!!

Blogging fail.  But I feel like with Facebook becoming much more of an all-in-one service for social networking & family updating, I never even think about it.  Even Grandma & Grandpa A have access to Facebook now! :) 

People are seeing our lives and pictures as they happen.  Although I am backlogged from September for pictures on Facebook, too.  I used to mock people with one kid who have difficulty being as awesome as they used to be.  As Phoebe said, "you're 45 minutes late, c'mon guys it's just one baby".  But that baby is an adorable little a-hole.  She doesn't like to sleep.  Lately she's also decided that eating isn't top priority.  She comes with SO. MUCH. STUFF.  I enjoy getting out of the house, as does she, but it's a production.  One that's getting easier in some ways & more difficult in others.  Part of me longs for her to grow up, understand the phrase "because I said so" and be able to walk all on her own.  The other part of me wants to cry every time she does something on the way.  This morning, for example, she finally got her knees under her to try and pull herself up.  My Baaaaaaaabbyyyyyyyy!

Anyway, as much as I tried to be good this year, once we moved & had H, time flew by.  So I will end up most likely doing a recap post of the last 6 months.  Seems so short and yet feels like forever ago. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sorry, we've been a little busy. . .

WE HAD THE BABY!!!!!!!!!!! :) Darn near a month ago, actually. Time really flies, holy cow.

Birth Story (no gory details, promise):

On Wednesday, June 1 at the ripe hour of 1:30 in the morning, I woke because I thought my water broke. We were told in Lamaze class that when that happens the amount of fluid can be a few tablespoons to a few quarts, so I wasn't sure. I tried to go back to sleep, but my nerves and anticipation made that pretty much impossible. So when T got up for work at 6:30 I told him what happened and we decided that I'd call the hospital and ask. Well they told me that they couldn't actually give me advice over the phone (so why do you have an advice line? I digress . . .) and that I'd have to come in and get checked. I was annoyed because the hospital is like an hour from our house, I was tired and convinced they'd check me out and send me home. I wasn't even feeling contractions for Pete's sake.

So we went. And they hooked me up to the monitors and found out I was indeed contracting. But the OB on duty still wasn't convinced my waters actually broke, that the fluid was something else, and even she thought I'd probably go home. But then tested the sample and it was indeed baby fluid; so it was go time. Due to risk of infection to the baby after waters break, they were required to admit me. Which sucked because I hadn't eaten anything since our light dinner at 7 the night before. I was already starving - but only ice chips and water from now on.

And then I labored. Bored and uncomfortable all day. I tried to go natural - but this hospital's policies turned out to be vastly different from Wright-Patt's and I was required to stay in bed, hooked to monitors and on Pitocin - basically the opposite of my birthplan which was ideally to be mobile and not have artificial hormones to "speed things along". So I made it until about 3:30-4:00 in the afternoon before I gave into the pain and got an epidural. I was on a low dose (I apparently had remarkable leg strength & usage) and refused to push the button to give me a boost of drugs.

The doctor came in after 1 am on June 2 for a check and said it was almost time to push. I only ended up having to push for about 20 minutes. Which, thank God, because I was going over 30 hours with no food and hardly any sleep. If I was one of those women who end up pushing for hours I wouldn't have made it. She came out officially at 1:47am. Baby H was 8 lbs, 3 oz & 20 inches long. T cut the cord and watched as they cleaned her off, did her APGAR, shots, etc.

Getting cleaned up and checked out

Finally in mommy's arms!

Daddy had a long day, too!

Pretty girl! :)

It's exhausting and painful. And this particular experience was not exactly how we had hoped it would go, but there were no major complications, no fetal distress and most importantly no surgery. So all-in-all I'd say success :).

Friday, May 20, 2011

37.5 Weeks

We are all settled into San Antonio - at least medically. We still have a bit of unpacking and organizing of the house to do, but the most important part was getting the doctor situation worked out. Today was my 2nd appointment down here, but we didn't have internet hooked up after the first one.

Getting the situation together was a little stressful. All new OB patients down here have an "orientation" to go through. Which is just filling out paperwork & getting your first appointment. The paperwork is annoying because half of it - the general DoD wide forms - I already filled out at my first Wright-Patt appointment and copies of them were literally in the file they made me hand carry. The rest was medical history and pregnancy history, not the same forms, but all the information was still definitely in the file. But regardless, it's their policy so whatever. The problem was the appointment line woman (non-medical professional) said she couldn't get me in until 17 May. Ha! Not the best idea when you're 35 weeks along.
So after being a big girl and making a few phone calls I got on the line with a nurse under the innocent guise of "making sure it would be okay to go that long between appointments". And once the nurse was on the phone she was like yeah . . . I'll see what I can do. I had orientation the next day and my first doctor's appointment the day after. :)

First appointment at 35.5 (two weeks ago) was pretty routine. My health looked good. Baby's heartbeat was back up at 150, yay! Fundal measurement right on. T came with me because I was just nervous with new people and new places so he was calming and helped me remember to ask all my questions. I did have to have the Group B Strep Test done. Which is just a bacteria that's relatively common so they screen for it. If you're positive you get antibiotics when you go into labor so the baby won't get sick, if you're negative you don't. Nothing to be worried about either way. Found out today that it was negative, by the way.

Today's appointment was, again, pretty regular. My blood pressure is still good, and baby's heartbeat again at 150 which always makes me smile. Fundal measurement was at 38, which is great. Dr. Keyser felt for all the parts and around and she's guesstimating baby girl is about 7 lbs which is totally manageable for me. I can cope with the idea of a 7 lb baby :). I had been feeling contractions the last few days - nothing regular and nothing painful so it's not really labor - but they did an internal just to see if they were still the practice kind or if they were doing something. And they appear to be doing something. I can still go for weeks at this stage with no more progress or incredibly slow progress, but the process is actually beginning!! Just more indication that this crazy thing is really happening - we're going to be parents!

We tried to get all the administrative stuff done today, but we only achieved half our goal so far - the paperwork! They allow you to pre-admit if you're having a baby so all your information and the father's information is all there and that's one less thing you have to worry about. We left the baby's details blank, obviously, but I did find out that we have 5 days to pick a name after meeting her. I don't want to wait that long, of course, but it's good to know that we're not going to see her for like a minute and have people pressuring us to settle on one right away.

The 2nd thing we wanted to accomplish was a tour of Labor & Delivery. They were too busy this morning to do it, but the desk sergeant seemed to think if we came back this afternoon we should be able to. There's no real way to schedule these things because you can't ever really know how full they'll be or how long people will take so I hope after going all the way back again around 1 we get to talk to someone. I'll go back as often as I need to because I feel like knowing the layout and getting my questions answered will help me relax about this, but since it takes an hour to get there it's annoying if we have to go back like 3 more times before we get to see stuff.

And that's the updates from our last appointment at WPMC. I promise there will be more updates and pictures about the move and the new place when we get a little more settled in, but until then I want to make sure to keep everyone up to date on the baby since she's the one working on her own timeline! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

last appointment @ wright-patt

I had my final check up with the WPAFB Perinatal Center today. And it was easy peasy. We focused most on tips for traveling and making sure I understood that I need to be seen in two weeks so as soon as I get down to TX, basically. With all that talk I don't know how big my uterus is measuring, but I got the a-okay that all looks good. Her heartbeat was around 140 bpm again and it was loud.

I had no issues with my blood pressure today and the best news of the day was that I'm still not quite 200lbs! Still skirting it, but under so woohoo! :) I've got a copy of my file to carry with me to give to the new medical team who will take over as this crazy journey comes to an end.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"The Big Move"

As The Mrs. alluded to in "30 Weeks!", we have a big move coming up: as of 1 May, we will be Texans! We're moving to Randolph AFB, specifically, where I'll begin remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) undergraduate flying training (UFT)!

If you'll remember back to when The Mrs. wrote "Grounded for life", the USAF medical types had ruled that my head injury permanently disqualified me from flying any manned USAF aircraft. And, also as The Mrs. mentioned, the newly spun-off RPA program has medical requirements that I do qualify for & that I did apply for. It took a few months, but I received a new assignment notification at the beginning of March & will begin RPA UFT in the beginning of July!

What will I be doing between arriving in Texas in May & starting UFT in July? Pretty much just trying to keep The Mrs. comfortable & happy until our house of three becomes a house of four!

Sadly, though, the first portion of my training, initial flight screening (IFS), will be in Colorado. All new USAF pilots – even the RPAs – have to complete IFS, where they'll learn the very basics of piloting an aircraft. From what I've been told so far, it will be about a six-week course. That, of course, means that I won't be around to help The Mrs. with Ned, but we already have a few good ideas & plans that should make that time a bit less stressful.

So goodbye, cold & snowy Ohio. We're leaving you for someplace a bit more . . . sunny & warm. It's not you. It's us.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Shower #2

We had a lovely time in KS visiting T's family and being spoiled with another baby shower! :)

We started with some really fun games! There was a Price is Right style game of guessing if prices of baby items were higher or lower. We didn't win, but I got more right than T which is all I cared about, hehe. And next, as a part of the snacks there were cupcakes decorated as all sorts of creatures. So the newest grandma Clark held up various children's books and we had to remember if there was a cupcake creature which represented that story. And finally we played the 'how big is the belly' game with string. The majority of people guessed way too big, which usually happens. I made T participate because I was curious how well he'd do. He actually came pretty close, but didn't win because one of his aunts was pretty much exactly right!

After the games we moved on to the gifts, which were of course so wonderful. We got a lot of books, which is quite helpful because we've already been reading to her and were beginning to run out of options. After presents we went upstairs to eat the delicious snack spread and have punch. Everyone ate and mingled and then the party just naturally broke up as people had to get on to other things for the day.

The super yummy food spread!

Happy Grandparents! :)

Fabulous co-host, Aunt Karen! :)

She's got so much "daddy's girl" & "I love daddy" stuff already she has no hope but to be a daddy's girl.

Aunt C, making sure she knows all of Ned's new books :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 Weeks!

Went in for what I assumed would be another quick & boring check-up today, but it got a little more interesting as you will see! :)

First my health. I'm HUGE. Seriously, got on the scale and it made me sad. I know you do most of your growing in the last two months and if I think about the rate I've gained over these past seven and a half I will actually top 200 lbs by the baby's birthday. This is a depressing & distressing thought to me. I know it's all part of the process and at no visit have I ever been warned about gaining too much or anything. But, that's a number I never thought I'd see on a scale. Other than weight, they had to take my blood pressure twice. I was late to the appointment and couldn't find a parking space so I was rushing and stressed and it was super high when I walked in. But I told them how I was rushed so they said they'd take it again after the exam to be sure and at the end it had totally normalized and was good! Lastly, the results from lab tests two weeks ago were great. No indication of glucose intolerance & still doing fine on the iron levels so all is well.

Baby's health is good, too, according to Rachel. My fundal measurement is actually at 31 instead of 30, which is nothing to be concerned about but since as a general guideline it equals number of weeks it's interesting. That, plus the fact that she's positioned with her head down makes me optimistic that she will be here on time. Her heartbeat was a little difficult to find today and when they did it was in the 140s. Which is well within the normal range, but for the last 20 weeks of being able to hear the heartbeat it's always been in the 150s so as the mommy I was mildly concerned, but the professional was not so I'm calm.

The exciting surprise of the appointment -- Baby Girl CONFIRMED!! :) Rachel went out to see if I had my next visit with one of the doctors, maybe they would bring in the portable machine and try to look again for me. But when she was out there, the wonderful specialist Laura (who did our nuchal screening at 12 weeks) had a minute so she popped in with one. And this time her legs were not crammed together and within about 5 seconds Laura was like yup, baby girl. Which was nice that she's so good and so quick, but also not because I didn't get to really see her for very long. But at least there will be no surprise pee-pees when li'l Ned finally makes her appearance and I don't have to return all those adorable dresses & girly outfits we've gotten! :)

I'm not going back for 3 weeks - I went to schedule 2, but Rachel didn't have anything until April 20th and the girl who does the schedule asked how far along I was and said that going that long wouldn't be an issue. And that will be my last appointment at Wright-Patt! I think by now the word has gotten around to all who read this about the big move, but I will make T write a post this week, just in case. He's even worse about posting than I am, and I have not been diligent in reminding him to share the news! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Shower #1

Last Saturday we had our first of two baby showers! This one was up in Perrysburg with my side of the family & friends. It was at my cousin's house which was so fun. The men went down in the basement to drink beer & watch the NCAA basketball on their big screens while the ladies did the classy shower thing :).

We ate lunch - Qdoba burritos, yummies in my tummy, and then we played two games. One was naming all the songs you could think of that have "baby" in the lyrics and the other was a baby themed scategories. Followed by delicious cake and gifts. All of that stuff took a shocking amount of time so then people pretty much dispersed and it became one big basketball watching party which was fun. Mom tried to make the gift opening part - my least favorite of showers - interesting for people involved by turning it into a raffle. When people brought in gifts she & Kat put numbers on them and every so often a timer would go off and whoever had the number that matched the one on the gift I was currently opening got a prize. The only "game", if you can call it that, that the boys played was a pool for the baby's birth date. We made a calendar and they got to choose one date for $1. Whoever guessed the right day will get the money when she comes out. That was the extent of the baby talk I'm sure they did all afternoon, haha.

The highlight of creativity, however, was the "shoe cake". They took the traditional concept of a diaper cake and tailored it much more to my tastes :). They also used little baby shoes to anchor balloons all around the room. It was such a surprise and it was so awesome!! Although, I'll be honest, when I was packing all the shoes up to go home I was starting to get a little jealous that the baby's shoe collection was already starting to rival my own and she's not even out yet! O:-)

shoe "cake" & real cakes!

snacks & shoes :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

28 weeks!

I'm officially in my 3rd and final trimester. Only 12 weeks left, yikes!! And I'm now onto the point where I go into for check ups every 2 weeks instead of every 4.

Today's was normal, just like the others. My weight is starting to scare me - I'm up 25 lbs from starting weight. And I thought that my blood pressure was a little high, but the neither the tech nor Rachel mentioned it so I guess it still falls within normal range for pregnant ladies. Baby's heartbeat was really strong today - it hit 160 at one point, but averaged in the 150s. Rachel didn't even have to search for it, she put the monitor on my belly and it was booming away :). She took my fundal measurement and although she didn't tell me what the cm number was, she smiled and said you are measuring perfect!

After the appointment I spent an hour in the lab taking the test for gestational diabetes - drink sugary liquid, wait an hour, have blood drawn. It really wasn't as bad as I anticipated. The drink was sweet, but not unbearable. And T was kind enough to leave me his iPad, fully charged, with the most recent episodes of "Parks & Recreation" for me to catch up on so the time passed rather quickly. Usually the lab is crazy crowded and backed up, but today it was dead. Which was good because there were less people to look at me funny when I start cracking up at my show. The test did make me feel a little strange - not really describable, but just kind of shaky. I'm imaging it's just a sugar rush and I'll be passed out in a few minutes when I finally crash. I should get the soup on now so when T gets home it's ready in case I'm in a sugar coma, haha.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still chugging along . . .

I had a check up today and everything is great!

Well getting there wasn't. The handle on my car door broke - we hope it was just the cold and spending some time in the garage will mend itself. But when trying to leave the driver's door wouldn't latch shut. Not so safe. So T had to run out of work to come get me but we managed to not be late!

This appointment, much like the last, was a few quick measurements and making sure there are no problems. I've put on 20 lbs total so far - yikes! Her heartbeat is still going strong and regular at 150 bpm. And they started measuring her growth by fundal measurement (from pubic bone to the top of the uterus). It's regularly coordinated # of CM = weeks along. Calendar I'm 23 weeks, 2 days; measurement I'm 23.5 cm. :) Rachel, my nurse practitioner, said everything looks perfect! She also was impressed at my mobility. You lie back for the measurements and as she was offering to help me sit up, I just popped right up. She started to laugh and told me to just wait til next time and I'll be reaching up begging her to help me, haha.

I've got 4 weeks until my next check up, but then she said after that I go in every 2 weeks. How is this happening so fast!? Next time I have to the the gestational diabetes test- yuck, so I have to remember to charge up my iPod and hopefully be in the middle of a really good book.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


*If you don't watch "Community" the title of this post will make no sense to you, lol.

She's getting big & strong enough for me to start feeling her movements! I've been feeling her move for a few weeks but in the beginning it's just a strange sensation. It's like a gas bubble or that feeling like your stomach drops when you go over a roller coaster. It was weird when I first noticed it and started piecing together what it was. I talked to my cousin, Amy, who had a baby last year and she told me that was exactly how she first felt him move.

But now she actually moves in specific spots, and it's clear that the move was a kick or a punch. For the most part, it's still too weak to feel on the outside. Not for lack of trying. When we're just watching our TV shows at night T will sit there with his hand on my tummy. I always feel badly when she moves and I excitedly ask if he felt it, but he doesn't. Twice, though, she's been really active enough for him to feel it too. :)

Every new milestone in this process is a blessing and a curse. Feeling her move is so exciting, but it's a reminder that we're already halfway through and she's going to be here before we know it! It feels like just yesterday I was saying 'uh honey I think we need to buy a pregnancy test'. And now in just about 4 months we'll be thrown into the world of parenting, ready or not - most likely not because whoever really is, lol - making it up as we go along.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Last week we had our ultrasound. So far so good, baby is growing nicely! :)

The first part of the test - the reason I had to chug & hold so much water - was checking on the baby's environment, making sure it's giving her enough room, that the fluid levels are good, etc. The weather was bad that day so we ended up getting to the appointment early and I had finished the water beforehand so I was bursting before they even called me back, but I made it.

The rest of the exam was all about getting measurements of li'l Ned. For a while in the beginning, the tech was thinking we were going to have to come back because she was not cooperating. She wouldn't take her hand away from her head which was inhibiting the brain & head measurements. But eventually we knocked it away and got enough information to satisfy the tech.

The tech took a picture of her hand since it kept getting in the way; she thought Ned must want us to take a good look, hehe. That was actually a really cool moment though because we got to see her face. She was trying to catch her hand in her mouth. I won't lie, the image was creepy, but all together amazing at the same time.

She's a little pudge already though, apparently. She was measuring pretty much right on 19 weeks for everything except her belly which is already measuring at 20 :). There didn't seem to be anything to worry about with that, though. And according to Monica on "Friends" it's good for the baby to "come out all cute and fat".

I do use the pronoun "she" because even though the stubborn kid had legs completely closed when they were trying to see the few glimpses two different techs got made them both independently guess girl. So that combined with the nurse's prediction from the 12 week exam, has given us relative confidence she's a girl.

And I've got a feeling she's going to take after her momma's love for shoes because her foot was the only body part she was more than willing to show and pose for. I took it to mean, "size me up mommy I'm gonna need some cute shoes when I get outta here" :)

This is the best profile shot we could get:

As you can see, hand up by her face. We're actually looking at her from the left and that's the back of her right hand against her head. She's clearly done with the paparazzi.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

We began the festivities this year by meeting the Clark side in Kansas City. Being grown ups with jobs and such makes it very difficult to get together, but we did our best with what we had. We really wanted to get out that way ASAP so we could share the good news in person.

Group shot, thanks to Brittany for taking the picture :)

We were able to start the day by meeting Grandma & Grandpa Allen at Granite City at the Kansas Speedway for lunch. It was delicious, of course, and full of good conversation. I let T be in charge of dropping the news, but when lunch was more than half over w/o him saying anything I kind of steered the conversation in that direction :).

Then we met up with Mom & Dad and decided to check out the Power & Light District while we waited for K to get off work and for D & Brittany to make it up after his flight landed. We ended up bowling which was really fun!! I hadn't bowled in years, and neither had anyone else it seemed. We were all pretty evenly matched but I was super excited, I won by one pin! :)

K got off work and we headed out to the AMC theatre to enjoy the "fork & screen" service where you watch a movie while eating & drinking. It was pretty much the most amazing idea I've ever seen. We were going to see "How Do You Know" with Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson & Reese Witherspoon but there weren't 5 seats together so we ended up at "Tron: Legacy". From what I hear, it was a blessing because no one I know has given "How Do You Know" a positive review, haha.

After the movie, everyone was finally in town & we went to the hotel to give everyone our gifts. Which, incidentally, was the most important part of our weekend because it's how we planned on telling everyone.

The moment they figured out what exactly it was. . .

Happy Grandparents-to-be!!

We hung out talking, playing Blokus, sending the boys to find some fountain pop, you know the usual, for the rest of the night. The next morning we basically had time for mass and then we had to get back to the airport to return the rental car and check our bag for our flight home. It was a whirlwind, but very much worth it. We of course wish we had been able to spend more time and even make it down to Salina to be able to see more family & friends but hopefully we'll be back soon when T is done with this strict rotation and can actually take leave for more than two consecutive days.


Actual Christmas wasn't exactly as tradition calls for, again due to the NOAC job, but fortunately we were able to drive up and do most things with the Johnson side. My 95 year old diabetic grandmother was actually feeling up to spending a night away from the nursing home and joined us which was fantastic! Dad & T went down to pick her up Christmas Eve morning. We all went to the usual 4 o'clock mass that evening before coming home to do eating & presents. In addition to GG, we had another special treat - Kay joined us for church. She has always come over on Christmas Eve after gifts, but this year she was around for all of it! :)

I was too busy opening presents and making sure the dogs (we had 4 there that night) didn't get into them to take any other pictures, but I made sure to get everyone in their nice clothes before the comfys came out, haha. The girls finished the night by playing cards which is grandma's favorite thing. Mom & I were euchre partners and we took Kay & Grandma for 70 cents in three games :). T used his new whirley pop and popcorn oils/seasonings to make delicious movie theatre style popcorn for everyone.

Christmas morning, my dad's sister, Aunt Barbie, came over and made french toast - another tradition. Usually we'd see the other members of my dad's family but they stayed in Michigan this year. We wouldn't have seen them anyway because we had to leave pretty much right after breakfast so T could get changed and get into work. We made it home, T spent the night at the NOAC and I watched Elf with Piper before going to bed.

All in all, our holiday was good. We made the best of the work schedule and crammed in everything we could when we could. I know I got crazy spoiled by everyone, which I suppose is very appropriate as a last hurrah of sorts seeing as how come June I will forever come second to our adorable baby :).

Love & Hugs