37.5 Weeks

We are all settled into San Antonio - at least medically. We still have a bit of unpacking and organizing of the house to do, but the most important part was getting the doctor situation worked out. Today was my 2nd appointment down here, but we didn't have internet hooked up after the first one.

Getting the situation together was a little stressful. All new OB patients down here have an "orientation" to go through. Which is just filling out paperwork & getting your first appointment. The paperwork is annoying because half of it - the general DoD wide forms - I already filled out at my first Wright-Patt appointment and copies of them were literally in the file they made me hand carry. The rest was medical history and pregnancy history, not the same forms, but all the information was still definitely in the file. But regardless, it's their policy so whatever. The problem was the appointment line woman (non-medical professional) said she couldn't get me in until 17 May. Ha! Not the best idea when you're 35 weeks along.
So after being a big girl and making a few phone calls I got on the line with a nurse under the innocent guise of "making sure it would be okay to go that long between appointments". And once the nurse was on the phone she was like yeah . . . I'll see what I can do. I had orientation the next day and my first doctor's appointment the day after. :)

First appointment at 35.5 (two weeks ago) was pretty routine. My health looked good. Baby's heartbeat was back up at 150, yay! Fundal measurement right on. T came with me because I was just nervous with new people and new places so he was calming and helped me remember to ask all my questions. I did have to have the Group B Strep Test done. Which is just a bacteria that's relatively common so they screen for it. If you're positive you get antibiotics when you go into labor so the baby won't get sick, if you're negative you don't. Nothing to be worried about either way. Found out today that it was negative, by the way.

Today's appointment was, again, pretty regular. My blood pressure is still good, and baby's heartbeat again at 150 which always makes me smile. Fundal measurement was at 38, which is great. Dr. Keyser felt for all the parts and around and she's guesstimating baby girl is about 7 lbs which is totally manageable for me. I can cope with the idea of a 7 lb baby :). I had been feeling contractions the last few days - nothing regular and nothing painful so it's not really labor - but they did an internal just to see if they were still the practice kind or if they were doing something. And they appear to be doing something. I can still go for weeks at this stage with no more progress or incredibly slow progress, but the process is actually beginning!! Just more indication that this crazy thing is really happening - we're going to be parents!

We tried to get all the administrative stuff done today, but we only achieved half our goal so far - the paperwork! They allow you to pre-admit if you're having a baby so all your information and the father's information is all there and that's one less thing you have to worry about. We left the baby's details blank, obviously, but I did find out that we have 5 days to pick a name after meeting her. I don't want to wait that long, of course, but it's good to know that we're not going to see her for like a minute and have people pressuring us to settle on one right away.

The 2nd thing we wanted to accomplish was a tour of Labor & Delivery. They were too busy this morning to do it, but the desk sergeant seemed to think if we came back this afternoon we should be able to. There's no real way to schedule these things because you can't ever really know how full they'll be or how long people will take so I hope after going all the way back again around 1 we get to talk to someone. I'll go back as often as I need to because I feel like knowing the layout and getting my questions answered will help me relax about this, but since it takes an hour to get there it's annoying if we have to go back like 3 more times before we get to see stuff.

And that's the updates from our last appointment at WPMC. I promise there will be more updates and pictures about the move and the new place when we get a little more settled in, but until then I want to make sure to keep everyone up to date on the baby since she's the one working on her own timeline! :)


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