Friday, July 9, 2010

1 down, a lifetime to go!

I was so happy that this deployment allowed for visitation. The separation was going to be hard enough, but when I realized that it fell over our very first anniversary I was extremely sad. We had planned on doing something big and special and then it was like we're not even going to be together? Uncool air force.

But it worked out well enough. The base lodging facility isn't quite the hotel in South Beach we had hoped for, but at least we were together. :) And for the location I'd say my husband did a good job of making it count. He found a wine bar restaurant and made reservations. We got all dolled up and enjoyed a great meal!

The restaurant knew it was our anniversary so they surprised us with champagne, strawberries & delicious truffles! It was such a nice touch, and surprises are always fun!

So we had our big night out on Saturday, officially 364 days married and we wanted to still do something special on our actual anniversary so we had a picnic. We were going to go to the Swan Park, but we weren't sure if you could bring food due to the wild birds all around. Also it had been raining all weekend with more scattered showers predicted so we decided to picnic at Memorial Lake on base.

We got sparkling wine, I made some picnic friendly finger food, and we packed it in our awesome picnic basket which we received as a wedding gift - so appropriate! :)

It was a really fun celebration - both ideas. So far not regretting this particular life choice! :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

K is for Kansas, good enough for me!

Cookie Monster, anyone? No? :) Anyway, one of the fabulous trips I took to occupy my time was over to the KS to spend some time with my fabulous in-laws! I mainly went to spend girl time with sister K, but how could I be so close and not see the rest of my new family!? Exactly.

We spent most of our time chatting about life and friends over Mexican food or wine, haha. Which was really great because we had never gotten a chance to spend any one-on-one time before, and it's rare that I get to spend time with someone who loves chips & salsa and fountain pop as much as I do :).

I came in on a Saturday evening, in really crappy weather, so we just went to dinner and came back to talk. We ended up staying up until 4 in the morning! It should not shock you with the late night, and neither of us being morning people, we didn't get moving too quickly in the morning. But we still made it out to Salina by afternoon. Had a fantastic meal cooked for us by the parents and caught up with the visitors who came by the house to see us.

The next morning we got up, had breakfast and got read to go. We were able to stop and bring lunch to the 'rents at school and give one last hug. It went by really fast, but we had trivia night to get to! I was really glad we went, but a lot of K's friends who said they were coming backed out throughout the day and it ended up being just us. We still managed to do well, but we could've used some more help. After we were able to meet up with some of the people who were still in town and go out for a little bit. Coming home I thought we might go to bed early, but we managed to get going again and stayed up until nearly 5 this time!

So now it's already Tuesday! This was our really girly day. We got our nails done and then drove to KC to go shopping (mostly window) at the Plaza. Followed that up with some food and a trivia rematch at Jefferson's. Then we went back to the house and watched a true classic, Labyrinth. Which was quite possibly the best idea and the most fun thing I've done all year, lol. Neither of us had seen it in years and we had a ball. We did manage to get to bed relatively early that night because I had to go to the airport the next morning.

And that's my trip in a nutshell. It was a whirlwind, but I'm so glad that I went. It was really great seeing everyone and spending time with my sister! :)

Lack of postings

Family & Friends,

I want to apologize for the lack of postings. For me, it's hard to know what to update on. This is, after all, meant to be a family blog and we're not doing anything as a family due to the separation. And I have no control over T's apathy to update, despite all my efforts to suggest he throw a post together on how the deployment is going so far. :)

For us (Piper & me), it's getting pretty hard. I can't explain why or even if it's normal but the roughest part for me to deal with is at the end. I mean the first few days are sad. Then there's a brief period of enjoyment - maybe it's the only child thing, but I've always valued alone time. That is all followed by plugging along, you have to adjust so you just deal. And that lasts for a while, but getting down to the wire, with less than two months left I just can't wait for it all to be over.
I do think that Piper is ready for T to be home, too. I try not to be one of those crazy people who attaches human thoughts & emotions to their dogs - she is just a dog with limited cognizance - but she does experience things in her own world. And she's different when it's just the two of us. Her energy level, her desire to play, her eating habits - those things and more mild behavior things change when we're here alone. I don't think it's T specific because she's her usual chipper self at mom & dad's. But I think I bore her, and having her daddy home will make her happy down here again.

I will try to devote time today to do short recaps with a few pictures to show you what I've been doing to make the time go by. :)

Love & Hugs