Friday, July 12, 2013

Flashback Friday: White sands

I know I dropped the ball updating our New Mexico adventures.  So I thought to add some spice into our usual boring [as far as blogging goes] weeks - playdates, pool, errands & hanging around the house - I'd introduce Flashback Fridays!  This will give me the opportunity to share pictures and stories that have long since passed, and get me more excited about posting at least once/week. Here goes . . .

We did not take full advantage of all the nature New Mexico has to offer.  Partly because we're not really outdoorsy people.

Mostly because H was just around 1 and I was crazy pregnant.  So no, I do not want to hike up the mountain, k thanks.  But we were so close to White Sands National Park and we went there a few fun times!  We didn't go as often as others because it was summer and so hot.  See: 1 year old & huge pregnant lady.

We went with Jenn & Dan before they moved on.  We had a few BBQ/picnics with the other families in T's class, which were so fun.  We took a lot of pictures the first time because we weren't sure if we'd come back.  But then they offered free year pass to military members and we were able to go more often!  It was a good way to just get out of the TLF for a bit.   The sad part is we made these subsequent visits without taking hardly any pictures. 

We had a BBQ with other TLF families on 4th of July 2012

And a farewell BBQ with another couple before heading out of Alamogordo

As you can see, even Miss Piper got in on the fun

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July!!

I do hope everyone had a fun holiday weekend!  We certainly enjoyed ourselves.  It was a workday for T, but like his squadron tries to do every holiday they go into minimum manning mode and you only have to be there for your scheduled time instead of for the entire shift.  And it turned out that he was not on the schedule for Thursday.  So fun surprise, yay! 

We started the morning by going to see Despicable Me 2 with friends.  Then we had lunch & the kids took naps.  While they were sleeping, T & I settled in for our annual viewing of 1776.  If you are unfamiliar with it, it's an incredibly cheesy musical from the 70s staring Mr. Feeny as John Adams and a young Blythe Danner as a rather saucy Martha Jefferson.  We love it.  I like to think that's how it really happened.  Congress singing and prancing around while debating the idea of a revolution. 

Anyway. . .

The kids and I had been invited to our lovely friend's house for hot dogs & kid approved firework play, but now daddy got to join us!  We had them over to our neighborhood pool after nap time and then went to their house.  She had the food & the fireworks.  When I asked what to bring she said mixers for her booze because it's 4th of July & someone ought to be drinking.  I mean, when your pregnant friend asks you something, you happily comply ;). 

Most of you saw the crying picture from the 4th on my facebook.  This is the best one we got of the two of them.  Although I'm not sure when B turned into Zoolander. 

We started by throwing poppers on the ground . . .

Then we had the kids clean up their mess . . .


And then we moved on to Sparklers . . . 

 H was not frightened by them at all, which kind of shocked me.  She's brainy, but man is she a wuss when it comes to most things.  Everything freaks her out, including slides.  But apparently fire is awesome.  After every sparkler she'd say "I need do another one".  The kids were pretty good about keeping a good distance between them.  We had a few close calls, but no injuries, huzzah!

It was a good day.  And quite a good living example of the quote "Friends are the family you choose."

Monday, July 8, 2013


I'm amazed by my daughter every day.  I know, all parents are, but H is shockingly smart.  I think I've touched on this before, but I'm not sure.  

It's actually difficult to navigate in social situations.  In general I try to just keep quiet about her.  I don't want to be that person that is always bragging about her kid.  And I definitely don't want it to come off as though I'm trying one-up anyone else, especially my friends.  I am very open about that fact that she's kind of a freak of nature and I have very little to do with it.  I think she might actually have an eidetic memory, although I don't know what that looks like in children.  Or in adults other than TV characters. 

Anyway, sometimes I can't help it.  Sometimes I have to show her off.  I don't want to have a negative reputation or to be perceived as a show-off or, well, brag.  But what 2 year old not only knows circle, triangle, square, etc., but also trapezoid & hexagon?  Sometimes you all need to see the craziness.

Love & Hugs