Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rock star

It seems that Pants is quite the musician!  I hope she has more talent than I or else it might be a lost passion.  It started with her loving to "rock rock rock" in Daddy's car.  She'll grab the TV remote (we use Pandora on the TiVo), hand it to me while dancing and saying "de de de". 

She's now dabbled in drumming

And lead vocals

love you miss you mean it! xoxo

Friday, January 18, 2013

New Year's Eve

I was born on New Year's Day.  It has it's upsides & downsides.  But as an adult it's nice to know there's always going to be a party!  When we still lived in the midwest, we'd go to Brandywine Country Club for their fancy party.  I LOVE getting dressed up.  And drinking.  Add dancing & a live band, I'm sold.

Then we moved to TX and didn't get home for my birthday.  We had "lame parents new years" which was actually really fun!  It was our first holiday with a kid, same for our friends Jenn & Dan.  Holly & Dan (different Dans, we're not sister wives. . . yet ;) ) were seasoned pros at it, and the six of us hung out at our house playing games, and celebrating in comfys (aka sleepy pants or jammies).

This year, family friends who live out here agreed to babysit.  So we had a proper date!  We don't get those often and it was nice.  The type of party it was, would have been more fun if we had friends with us, but we do actually like each other so we still had a good time.  We went to a rooftop party at Terribles Casino.  It's a few blocks off the strip, so we got to see the fireworks without dealing with the chaos & traffic.  Open bar, live band & munchies.  It was a little cold, but enjoyable.  We hired a car service to drop us off & pick us up which was a mega good idea given that we saw at least 7 cops pulling people over.  

Grabbing a quick pic on our way out the door

Trying for a little birthday luck

On the rooftop

 Midnight Fireworks!

The comically large vase that had us cracking up

Sunday, January 13, 2013

sibling love

Having the kids so close in age has been a handful, but it's so unbelievably sweet to see them develop a bond already that I just can't imagine doing it any other way.  H sometimes is such a good little helper it blows my mind.  She's a toddler so there are other times I ask her to help me and she says no and runs away, of course.  But it melts my heart to see them just interact now.

The other morning, B was laying on the floor with his toys and H was reading a book.  So I made myself some breakfast.  Of course as soon as I sat down, he rolled over & started fussing - everyone who has ever looked after a child knows about their fabulous timing.  H grabbed her book, walked right up to him, sat down by his head and starting talk to him.  "Hi, [B].  Paci. Here go." and then babble reading her books as she does.  She was taking care of him and I wanted to cry. 

Helping mommy give them both a bath

"Hey, sissy, whatcha doin?"

 comforting him while mommy went potty

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just keep swimming

Yesterday we took the kids to the YMCA pool.  It's fun to take them swimming AND it counts towards our 8 times/month we have to go to keep our membership, win-win.  They have their big indoor pool, but they also have a smaller, much warmer "therapy pool".  It's like a giant bath you can swim in.

We went in both today because we got there a little early and there was still a class in the therapy pool and H was losing her mind saying "wim, wim, WIM!"  She was having a blast.  She likes the water, but she's usually timid about it.  Today she was going down the steps all by herself, she was pushing off them to get to me without first having a hold of me.  It was crazy, but really fun.

And B, he's just a little water baby.  I had taken the kids by myself once before to meet our friends and he was just kicking and floating away.  He was still the same today.  No fussing, no crying, just chill li'l water bub.  He went an hour past his feeding time because he hadn't a care in the world. T & I took turns with each kid and we were in the water for just under an hour.  We were all pruny and I was actually getting too warm in the therapy pool.

 In the pool, trying to get a shot of her cute little suit, but then we got yelled at because there's no photography allowed at the pool.  

So I snapped this one of her walking out to the car. 

But after we got home, apparently Elmo also needed a swim.  I went upstairs to shower before T left for work.  He was taking care of B and H was in the playroom.  The bathroom door was left open.  T found her with a soaking wet Elmo (and clothes) and a trail to her toys from the toilet.  When I asked her what happened, she said "Elmo wim."  

Friday, January 11, 2013

Just how we roll

Baby B is rolling over!  Well, one way anyway.  He goes from his back to his stomach.  And then gets pissed about it.  Which is frustrating because the little turd can totally roll from his stomach to his back.  He did that first around Thanksgiving.  He did it like 4-5 times and then just quit.  We'd do tummy time and he'd have no interest.

When he started going from back to stomach, he rolls, gets stuck, gets mad.  You turn him back over and then he flips over almost immediately and it starts all over.  I've seen him recently roll to his stomach and then back on his back so I know he can do it.  Booger. 

It also makes me nervous because he's started sleeping on his stomach.  Since he chooses not to roll over and he's a pretty heavy sleeper I've been getting much less restful sleep.  The second night he rolled over on his own, I woke up at 3 just to check on him.  Not to an alarm, I just woke up and my first though was, oh God the baby was on his tummy.  He's been doing well though.  Last night he had his face smashed up in the corner so I moved him, more for my own piece of mind than anything else. 

I do feel bad for him, though.  Second kid totally gets the shaft.  I try really hard to do the same things, but man it's hard when you have another one to take care of.  With H, I was watching for the signs, camera at the ready, "OH YAAAAY BABY YOU ROLLED OVER, MOMMY'S SO PROUD OF YOU!!!"  With B, he was on his playmat while I went to the bathroom.  I came back and he was rolled over - "Oh, hey.  Nice job, dude." 

But as much as I may not be in his face just waiting for him to do something, it's still exciting to watch him get bigger and meet these milestones.  I know I just did this a year ago, but I forget nearly everything with H.  I think it's evolutionary amnesia.  If we remembered everything about parenting, no one would ever have more than one kid! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Ree dat!"

H has gotten very demanding in her request for books.  I think it's more because she's imitating us and when she brought us books we'd ask some variation of 'do you want to read that'.  Now that she's talking more she'll run up to us with a book shouting 'ree dat, ree dat, reeeee dat!'  She does say please, but it's very authoritative.

Most of you are directed here from Facebook, so you saw my post on listening to her "read" on her own.  Last night she sat down to read "Maybe a Bear Ate it".  So I filmed it.  It's a cute story about a kid who loses his book in his bed, and he imagines all the things that might've happened to it.

She reads it twice.  I translate some of the stuff that might be harder to hear or understand.  The best is definitely when he goes looking for it.  Such a sweetie pie!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What's cookin' good lookin'?

I apologize for the lack of posts.  I have a few ideas saved, but they're all sharing videos of the kiddos and I can't get the uploads to work.  Both here and YouTube are having trouble with the format imported from my phone.  And my computer geek husband has been at work & repairing my desktop so he hasn't been able to help me fix the problem.  Anyway. . .

This morning we had a little chef on our hands.  She was playing with her "phone" (iPod touch) and she got on YouTube to watch sesame street songs.  She somehow navigated her way to a cooking video.  She asked for a bowl, so we got out some of the kitchen toys she got for Christmas (Thank you, Davies family!!). 

 She put the oven mit on all on her own!

 Watching her cooking video for tips.  I think this one was about fondant if I heard correctly. 

I've been holding off on the play kitchen until after the holidays (I asked for tools & gift cards for xmas/my birthday) but now I clearly have to get on it! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas in Ohio

We had a super fun time at the baptism and party, as I mentioned.  On that Monday night, the 17th, we had a Christmas with my parents & my dad's brother and sister.  We all had dinner together, then we opened presents and chatted.  It was really fun!  I hadn't seen my uncle in forever.  He was awesome & gave the gift of booze.  He got us a really nice bottle of Riesling, which I couldn't take with us and didn't get a chance to drink before leaving because of the sickness.  But I'm sure Lolo is enjoying it :).

In addition to Mingming, papa & my aunt and uncle, the kids also got presents from many other beloved relatives.  Kay & Kris took us shopping which added the gift of a fun afternoon to the clothes.  We got TONS of clothes which was amazing. Because a) our toyroom situation is already out of control & b) clothes as gifts keeps me out of the clothes shopping which is good for my marriage ;).  Plus clothes were the easiest to pack to take back home on the flight.

That said, we literally came home with twice as much stuff.  We brought one very large, expandable suitcase weighing 42 lbs.  When packing we realized it wasn't going to fit so we borrowed one from my parents.  Checking in at the airport, it weighed 40lbs.  Yup, we all got spoiled :). 

 B's cute xmas outfit!

 Opening presents with Papa

H's cute (ohio) xmas outfit

Love & Hugs