sibling love

Having the kids so close in age has been a handful, but it's so unbelievably sweet to see them develop a bond already that I just can't imagine doing it any other way.  H sometimes is such a good little helper it blows my mind.  She's a toddler so there are other times I ask her to help me and she says no and runs away, of course.  But it melts my heart to see them just interact now.

The other morning, B was laying on the floor with his toys and H was reading a book.  So I made myself some breakfast.  Of course as soon as I sat down, he rolled over & started fussing - everyone who has ever looked after a child knows about their fabulous timing.  H grabbed her book, walked right up to him, sat down by his head and starting talk to him.  "Hi, [B].  Paci. Here go." and then babble reading her books as she does.  She was taking care of him and I wanted to cry. 

Helping mommy give them both a bath

"Hey, sissy, whatcha doin?"

 comforting him while mommy went potty


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