What's cookin' good lookin'?

I apologize for the lack of posts.  I have a few ideas saved, but they're all sharing videos of the kiddos and I can't get the uploads to work.  Both here and YouTube are having trouble with the format imported from my phone.  And my computer geek husband has been at work & repairing my desktop so he hasn't been able to help me fix the problem.  Anyway. . .

This morning we had a little chef on our hands.  She was playing with her "phone" (iPod touch) and she got on YouTube to watch sesame street songs.  She somehow navigated her way to a cooking video.  She asked for a bowl, so we got out some of the kitchen toys she got for Christmas (Thank you, Davies family!!). 

 She put the oven mit on all on her own!

 Watching her cooking video for tips.  I think this one was about fondant if I heard correctly. 

I've been holding off on the play kitchen until after the holidays (I asked for tools & gift cards for xmas/my birthday) but now I clearly have to get on it! 


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