Just keep swimming

Yesterday we took the kids to the YMCA pool.  It's fun to take them swimming AND it counts towards our 8 times/month we have to go to keep our membership, win-win.  They have their big indoor pool, but they also have a smaller, much warmer "therapy pool".  It's like a giant bath you can swim in.

We went in both today because we got there a little early and there was still a class in the therapy pool and H was losing her mind saying "wim, wim, WIM!"  She was having a blast.  She likes the water, but she's usually timid about it.  Today she was going down the steps all by herself, she was pushing off them to get to me without first having a hold of me.  It was crazy, but really fun.

And B, he's just a little water baby.  I had taken the kids by myself once before to meet our friends and he was just kicking and floating away.  He was still the same today.  No fussing, no crying, just chill li'l water bub.  He went an hour past his feeding time because he hadn't a care in the world. T & I took turns with each kid and we were in the water for just under an hour.  We were all pruny and I was actually getting too warm in the therapy pool.

 In the pool, trying to get a shot of her cute little suit, but then we got yelled at because there's no photography allowed at the pool.  

So I snapped this one of her walking out to the car. 

But after we got home, apparently Elmo also needed a swim.  I went upstairs to shower before T left for work.  He was taking care of B and H was in the playroom.  The bathroom door was left open.  T found her with a soaking wet Elmo (and clothes) and a trail to her toys from the toilet.  When I asked her what happened, she said "Elmo wim."  


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