Just how we roll

Baby B is rolling over!  Well, one way anyway.  He goes from his back to his stomach.  And then gets pissed about it.  Which is frustrating because the little turd can totally roll from his stomach to his back.  He did that first around Thanksgiving.  He did it like 4-5 times and then just quit.  We'd do tummy time and he'd have no interest.

When he started going from back to stomach, he rolls, gets stuck, gets mad.  You turn him back over and then he flips over almost immediately and it starts all over.  I've seen him recently roll to his stomach and then back on his back so I know he can do it.  Booger. 

It also makes me nervous because he's started sleeping on his stomach.  Since he chooses not to roll over and he's a pretty heavy sleeper I've been getting much less restful sleep.  The second night he rolled over on his own, I woke up at 3 just to check on him.  Not to an alarm, I just woke up and my first though was, oh God the baby was on his tummy.  He's been doing well though.  Last night he had his face smashed up in the corner so I moved him, more for my own piece of mind than anything else. 

I do feel bad for him, though.  Second kid totally gets the shaft.  I try really hard to do the same things, but man it's hard when you have another one to take care of.  With H, I was watching for the signs, camera at the ready, "OH YAAAAY BABY YOU ROLLED OVER, MOMMY'S SO PROUD OF YOU!!!"  With B, he was on his playmat while I went to the bathroom.  I came back and he was rolled over - "Oh, hey.  Nice job, dude." 

But as much as I may not be in his face just waiting for him to do something, it's still exciting to watch him get bigger and meet these milestones.  I know I just did this a year ago, but I forget nearly everything with H.  I think it's evolutionary amnesia.  If we remembered everything about parenting, no one would ever have more than one kid! 


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