"Ree dat!"

H has gotten very demanding in her request for books.  I think it's more because she's imitating us and when she brought us books we'd ask some variation of 'do you want to read that'.  Now that she's talking more she'll run up to us with a book shouting 'ree dat, ree dat, reeeee dat!'  She does say please, but it's very authoritative.

Most of you are directed here from Facebook, so you saw my post on listening to her "read" on her own.  Last night she sat down to read "Maybe a Bear Ate it".  So I filmed it.  It's a cute story about a kid who loses his book in his bed, and he imagines all the things that might've happened to it.

She reads it twice.  I translate some of the stuff that might be harder to hear or understand.  The best is definitely when he goes looking for it.  Such a sweetie pie!!


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