Wednesday, April 20, 2011

last appointment @ wright-patt

I had my final check up with the WPAFB Perinatal Center today. And it was easy peasy. We focused most on tips for traveling and making sure I understood that I need to be seen in two weeks so as soon as I get down to TX, basically. With all that talk I don't know how big my uterus is measuring, but I got the a-okay that all looks good. Her heartbeat was around 140 bpm again and it was loud.

I had no issues with my blood pressure today and the best news of the day was that I'm still not quite 200lbs! Still skirting it, but under so woohoo! :) I've got a copy of my file to carry with me to give to the new medical team who will take over as this crazy journey comes to an end.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"The Big Move"

As The Mrs. alluded to in "30 Weeks!", we have a big move coming up: as of 1 May, we will be Texans! We're moving to Randolph AFB, specifically, where I'll begin remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) undergraduate flying training (UFT)!

If you'll remember back to when The Mrs. wrote "Grounded for life", the USAF medical types had ruled that my head injury permanently disqualified me from flying any manned USAF aircraft. And, also as The Mrs. mentioned, the newly spun-off RPA program has medical requirements that I do qualify for & that I did apply for. It took a few months, but I received a new assignment notification at the beginning of March & will begin RPA UFT in the beginning of July!

What will I be doing between arriving in Texas in May & starting UFT in July? Pretty much just trying to keep The Mrs. comfortable & happy until our house of three becomes a house of four!

Sadly, though, the first portion of my training, initial flight screening (IFS), will be in Colorado. All new USAF pilots – even the RPAs – have to complete IFS, where they'll learn the very basics of piloting an aircraft. From what I've been told so far, it will be about a six-week course. That, of course, means that I won't be around to help The Mrs. with Ned, but we already have a few good ideas & plans that should make that time a bit less stressful.

So goodbye, cold & snowy Ohio. We're leaving you for someplace a bit more . . . sunny & warm. It's not you. It's us.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Shower #2

We had a lovely time in KS visiting T's family and being spoiled with another baby shower! :)

We started with some really fun games! There was a Price is Right style game of guessing if prices of baby items were higher or lower. We didn't win, but I got more right than T which is all I cared about, hehe. And next, as a part of the snacks there were cupcakes decorated as all sorts of creatures. So the newest grandma Clark held up various children's books and we had to remember if there was a cupcake creature which represented that story. And finally we played the 'how big is the belly' game with string. The majority of people guessed way too big, which usually happens. I made T participate because I was curious how well he'd do. He actually came pretty close, but didn't win because one of his aunts was pretty much exactly right!

After the games we moved on to the gifts, which were of course so wonderful. We got a lot of books, which is quite helpful because we've already been reading to her and were beginning to run out of options. After presents we went upstairs to eat the delicious snack spread and have punch. Everyone ate and mingled and then the party just naturally broke up as people had to get on to other things for the day.

The super yummy food spread!

Happy Grandparents! :)

Fabulous co-host, Aunt Karen! :)

She's got so much "daddy's girl" & "I love daddy" stuff already she has no hope but to be a daddy's girl.

Aunt C, making sure she knows all of Ned's new books :)

Love & Hugs