"The Big Move"

As The Mrs. alluded to in "30 Weeks!", we have a big move coming up: as of 1 May, we will be Texans! We're moving to Randolph AFB, specifically, where I'll begin remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) undergraduate flying training (UFT)!

If you'll remember back to when The Mrs. wrote "Grounded for life", the USAF medical types had ruled that my head injury permanently disqualified me from flying any manned USAF aircraft. And, also as The Mrs. mentioned, the newly spun-off RPA program has medical requirements that I do qualify for & that I did apply for. It took a few months, but I received a new assignment notification at the beginning of March & will begin RPA UFT in the beginning of July!

What will I be doing between arriving in Texas in May & starting UFT in July? Pretty much just trying to keep The Mrs. comfortable & happy until our house of three becomes a house of four!

Sadly, though, the first portion of my training, initial flight screening (IFS), will be in Colorado. All new USAF pilots – even the RPAs – have to complete IFS, where they'll learn the very basics of piloting an aircraft. From what I've been told so far, it will be about a six-week course. That, of course, means that I won't be around to help The Mrs. with Ned, but we already have a few good ideas & plans that should make that time a bit less stressful.

So goodbye, cold & snowy Ohio. We're leaving you for someplace a bit more . . . sunny & warm. It's not you. It's us.


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