30 Weeks!

Went in for what I assumed would be another quick & boring check-up today, but it got a little more interesting as you will see! :)

First my health. I'm HUGE. Seriously, got on the scale and it made me sad. I know you do most of your growing in the last two months and if I think about the rate I've gained over these past seven and a half I will actually top 200 lbs by the baby's birthday. This is a depressing & distressing thought to me. I know it's all part of the process and at no visit have I ever been warned about gaining too much or anything. But, that's a number I never thought I'd see on a scale. Other than weight, they had to take my blood pressure twice. I was late to the appointment and couldn't find a parking space so I was rushing and stressed and it was super high when I walked in. But I told them how I was rushed so they said they'd take it again after the exam to be sure and at the end it had totally normalized and was good! Lastly, the results from lab tests two weeks ago were great. No indication of glucose intolerance & still doing fine on the iron levels so all is well.

Baby's health is good, too, according to Rachel. My fundal measurement is actually at 31 instead of 30, which is nothing to be concerned about but since as a general guideline it equals number of weeks it's interesting. That, plus the fact that she's positioned with her head down makes me optimistic that she will be here on time. Her heartbeat was a little difficult to find today and when they did it was in the 140s. Which is well within the normal range, but for the last 20 weeks of being able to hear the heartbeat it's always been in the 150s so as the mommy I was mildly concerned, but the professional was not so I'm calm.

The exciting surprise of the appointment -- Baby Girl CONFIRMED!! :) Rachel went out to see if I had my next visit with one of the doctors, maybe they would bring in the portable machine and try to look again for me. But when she was out there, the wonderful specialist Laura (who did our nuchal screening at 12 weeks) had a minute so she popped in with one. And this time her legs were not crammed together and within about 5 seconds Laura was like yup, baby girl. Which was nice that she's so good and so quick, but also not because I didn't get to really see her for very long. But at least there will be no surprise pee-pees when li'l Ned finally makes her appearance and I don't have to return all those adorable dresses & girly outfits we've gotten! :)

I'm not going back for 3 weeks - I went to schedule 2, but Rachel didn't have anything until April 20th and the girl who does the schedule asked how far along I was and said that going that long wouldn't be an issue. And that will be my last appointment at Wright-Patt! I think by now the word has gotten around to all who read this about the big move, but I will make T write a post this week, just in case. He's even worse about posting than I am, and I have not been diligent in reminding him to share the news! :)


  1. YAY!!! I am glad that all of the outfits you've gotten will go to good use :) Can't wait to meet her!!

    And I am totally with you on the weight fears - I have this idea in my head that I will just be very upset to ever see a number that starts with a "2" on the scale. But I mean, unless I lose like 20 more pounds before getting pregnant, I am thinking that is a reality I will just have to deal with.


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