28 weeks!

I'm officially in my 3rd and final trimester. Only 12 weeks left, yikes!! And I'm now onto the point where I go into for check ups every 2 weeks instead of every 4.

Today's was normal, just like the others. My weight is starting to scare me - I'm up 25 lbs from starting weight. And I thought that my blood pressure was a little high, but the neither the tech nor Rachel mentioned it so I guess it still falls within normal range for pregnant ladies. Baby's heartbeat was really strong today - it hit 160 at one point, but averaged in the 150s. Rachel didn't even have to search for it, she put the monitor on my belly and it was booming away :). She took my fundal measurement and although she didn't tell me what the cm number was, she smiled and said you are measuring perfect!

After the appointment I spent an hour in the lab taking the test for gestational diabetes - drink sugary liquid, wait an hour, have blood drawn. It really wasn't as bad as I anticipated. The drink was sweet, but not unbearable. And T was kind enough to leave me his iPad, fully charged, with the most recent episodes of "Parks & Recreation" for me to catch up on so the time passed rather quickly. Usually the lab is crazy crowded and backed up, but today it was dead. Which was good because there were less people to look at me funny when I start cracking up at my show. The test did make me feel a little strange - not really describable, but just kind of shaky. I'm imaging it's just a sugar rush and I'll be passed out in a few minutes when I finally crash. I should get the soup on now so when T gets home it's ready in case I'm in a sugar coma, haha.


  1. Happy to hear everything's going well with the little one.That diabetes test sounds like a fun test I have to look forward to. I've had blood drawn twice in the past week and didn't pass out either time :)


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