Grounded for life

The USAF has spoken and there is no way T will be in a cockpit for them again. It's really sad, and it brought about some tough conversation and decision. He likes the military and the life. But he's dreamt of flying airplanes since he was a little kid. What's a man to do?

Ultimately, I wanted to provide pros & cons of each option and in the end defer to his decision on what will make him happiest. And there is a solution which would put him in a flight suit and remain in the Air Force. They have recently separated the Unmanned Aircraft/Drone program from the traditional pilot training program. When he was still flying, some pilots who earned their wings had to do a tour with the remote piloted vehicles. But now, it's a separate training, entry process and most importantly, medical requirements. And his head injury waiver Class II qualifies him for that process.

The application was due, post-marked two days ago, and sent in. Which means the waiting game again begins. I don't know when the selection board meets for this round of applications but I'm pretty sure it'll be in the earlier months of 2011.

Fingers crossed & prayers sent that this is a success and he can get back into the field of his passion.


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