Christmas in Ohio

We had a super fun time at the baptism and party, as I mentioned.  On that Monday night, the 17th, we had a Christmas with my parents & my dad's brother and sister.  We all had dinner together, then we opened presents and chatted.  It was really fun!  I hadn't seen my uncle in forever.  He was awesome & gave the gift of booze.  He got us a really nice bottle of Riesling, which I couldn't take with us and didn't get a chance to drink before leaving because of the sickness.  But I'm sure Lolo is enjoying it :).

In addition to Mingming, papa & my aunt and uncle, the kids also got presents from many other beloved relatives.  Kay & Kris took us shopping which added the gift of a fun afternoon to the clothes.  We got TONS of clothes which was amazing. Because a) our toyroom situation is already out of control & b) clothes as gifts keeps me out of the clothes shopping which is good for my marriage ;).  Plus clothes were the easiest to pack to take back home on the flight.

That said, we literally came home with twice as much stuff.  We brought one very large, expandable suitcase weighing 42 lbs.  When packing we realized it wasn't going to fit so we borrowed one from my parents.  Checking in at the airport, it weighed 40lbs.  Yup, we all got spoiled :). 

 B's cute xmas outfit!

 Opening presents with Papa

H's cute (ohio) xmas outfit


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