We're still here!!

Blogging fail.  But I feel like with Facebook becoming much more of an all-in-one service for social networking & family updating, I never even think about it.  Even Grandma & Grandpa A have access to Facebook now! :) 

People are seeing our lives and pictures as they happen.  Although I am backlogged from September for pictures on Facebook, too.  I used to mock people with one kid who have difficulty being as awesome as they used to be.  As Phoebe said, "you're 45 minutes late, c'mon guys it's just one baby".  But that baby is an adorable little a-hole.  She doesn't like to sleep.  Lately she's also decided that eating isn't top priority.  She comes with SO. MUCH. STUFF.  I enjoy getting out of the house, as does she, but it's a production.  One that's getting easier in some ways & more difficult in others.  Part of me longs for her to grow up, understand the phrase "because I said so" and be able to walk all on her own.  The other part of me wants to cry every time she does something on the way.  This morning, for example, she finally got her knees under her to try and pull herself up.  My Baaaaaaaabbyyyyyyyy!

Anyway, as much as I tried to be good this year, once we moved & had H, time flew by.  So I will end up most likely doing a recap post of the last 6 months.  Seems so short and yet feels like forever ago. 


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