second half of 2011 recap

We had H in June.  In July and part of August T was TDY so I pretty much adjusted to a new baby while we had visitors to help me out.  At the beginning of August she took her first plane ride to visit my extended family in Ohio.

On the plane with Grandma!

 So happy that my grandmother got to meet her before she died.  I'm really glad to have that memory.

Swimming at Aunt Kay's!

 In September we got to take a trip to see T's friends & family for Alex & Nicole's wedding.  It was a super fast weekend, due to T's work schedule, but it was so much fun!  The happy couple was beautiful, of course.  And we found a new purpose for the diaper bag – sneaking wine into the beer-only reception.  In case you were wondering, a Kate Spade Stevie baby bag can hold 3 bottles ;). 

 The Vows!

 Trying to get her to model her outfit!

 Her Aunties!

 The most important function of the diaper bag to-date.  Bottles for H; bottles for Aunt K & Grandma! :)

 Those two know how to have fun!

 Play nice!

In October we took a trip to Notre Dame to have H baptized.  We realized with all the moving we're going to be doing, we really wouldn't have a home parish for a while, so we thought it would be a great way to start our children's faith to have them all baptized at Notre Dame.  The sacrament took place in the Log Chapel and then we had food & booze back in our hotel room :)

 Getting Baptized

 Her Godparents - Alex & Kay

Enough pictures, enough being held, I want to stand!!

 We've made some pretty awesome friends in the short time we've been here, and we took H trick-or-treating with her little friends.  And then on the weekend had a small shindig for the grown ups!
 The babies!

 We had a bug theme going on :) 

 Cute family :)

 Just some of the fare we served
 Cupcakes galore! A pumpkin patch & our attempt at the haunted castle oooooooooh.

Aren't we cute?

Then, boom it's Thanksgiving already.  My parents, Kay, & my Aunt Barbie came into town for the long weekend.  We went to the Alamo, the Riverwalk & out to Gruene.  For the actual Thanksgiving dinner our friends & baby H's besties were kind enough to join us! I made the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, & pumpkin pie.  My mom made stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer & prosciutto-wrapped asparagus.  My friend Jenn brought over a cheese ball, the sweet potato dish, & an amazing cheesecake.  We had wine, conversation, & great food while the babies were good and played or napped. I only have pictures of the food because when we were done no one really thought about pictures.

Now it's Christmas season!  We wanted to go the squadron holiday party last weekend but T got massively sick with a nasty stomach bug that made its way around the office and H had her 6-month shots so she hadn't slept well.  And Mommy was up all night alternately taking care of both of them so by Saturday morning the last thing on my mind was a party. 
I think we made up for it today, though!  We had a really cute Christmas breakfast with our friends, & H's betrothed.  Reindeer pancakes, mimosas & smoothies! 

 festive beverages!

poor reindeer's eye started to melt off before I could grab a photo, but he was delicious!

We left to finish up some shopping & errands, came home, had a wretched time getting the snot to nap and then went to a really fun party with most of T's class!  There was great food, drinks, cool people & kids everywhere!  But that's what you get when your class is the odd one with most members having families.  The chaos felt very  much like home for both of us, and for the first time I really actually felt like it was Christmas! 

Hoping everyone has a safe & happy holiday and that I do a much better job of updates in 2012!  <3


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