Valentine's Day & Pre-deployment

Well we are in the final stages. T leaves on Sunday. As much as I'd love to share that this week is all about holing ourselves in the house and enjoying every precious moment, it's more a hurricane of last minute details. We both have been dealing with briefings and appointments -- I had no idea how many things I would have to do before he leaves. Left to do this week: Both our cars need to be taken in - what perfect timing for the engine lights to go on, right? Plus, of course, packing and finishing up the checklist that Family Readiness gave us. We've been prone to spontaneous hugging and I could break into tears pretty much at any moment, but other than that we're holding together.

We tried not to let it spoil Valentine's Day, however. To be fair, we don't really do much for Valentine's Day ever. Last year it just happened to coincide with T coming back from a six-week TDY to Mississippi so we used it to celebrate that. It's just not something we fully buy into, but I love any reason to cook something special. You might be thinking, if you love it, any day is an excuse . . . you must not a.) realize the mess involved and b.) know me very well and how I hate doing dishes, hehe.

We went to mass and came home to brunch. I had a spread of "brunch pizza square" (crescent roll baked with egg, cheese & sausage) which I cut into heart shapes, cinnamon rolls & strawberries with my beloved mother-in-law's fruit dip recipe. :) And, of course, mimosas because it just makes it classier. On Saturday we had met my mom & cousin in Lima to pick up things they had that he needed for his trip. And mom surprised us with the ingredients for a romantic dinner so when the fullness from brunch wore off we had steaks, crab legs, baked potatoes, asparagus, sauteed mushrooms & shiraz.

Gifts were cute and low-key: I got T a few bags of different whole bean coffee, a mug & I made him "box of chocolate cupcakes" which are way more fun than a box of chocolates. He got me flowers (not roses, yuck so cliche, bright purple & yellow tropical beauties) and a keyboard (along with one of his monitors) so I could use my laptop as a desktop. I had been saying how much more productive I am when I actually have a desk space, but we're not in a position to buy a new computer right now so it was really, really sweet! :)

And other than the meals, we just hung out all day. Watched some Olympics, played some xbox. It was a nice, relaxing day of just being together.


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