on the road again

Late May is a busy time for us, especially this year. T's Birthday and our Very First Anniversary! :) But this year he's also pinning on - which is the term for his promotion to Captain!
So first thing tomorrow morning Piper & I are jumping in the car and driving down to SC for the remainder of the month and all the celebration.

We had wanted to leave this morning, but I just wasn't ready. Originally, I was going to have all weekend to prep, pack and go. But it was Mother's Day and the family was gathering along with my 94 year old grandmother whom I haven't seen in a while so I made the decision to go to P-burg again. Which was a good call, of course, but it made for a crazy stressful Sunday night & Monday. When I was still finishing up packing clothes & toiletries at midnight I decided that I'd go to bed. If Piper got me up early and I could still finish up and get out by 10/10:30 leaving today was meant to be. But the lazy dog decided today would be her lazy day and she didn't want to go out until 9:45. :)

So we're knocking out the 10 hour drive tomorrow so we can get up and make a very special birthday breakfast for the bestest guy in our lives!


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