A much anticipated return

T is home!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, he's been home for 3 weeks now, but we've been CRAZY BUSY. Cedar Point, two ND football games in a row and he had a 3-day TDY to Andrews AFB and whatever Army Post is near D.C. I don't remember the name and T is fast asleep so I can't ask him.

He was supposed to have 14 days of R&R but he kept having to go into work for a few hours at a time to care of "quick, little things". And the TDY was during those days so it flew by. Not to mention several trips up north for various things. We were supposed to go to Chicago after Cedar Point, but issues with the R&R prevented that which was sad, but at least we got some roller coaster fun. That was the first weekend he was home.

The next was the Purdue game/my friend Rachel's bridal shower. T went to the game with my mom, dad & cousin while I did the good bridesmaid thing :). Then he went to Virgina and I stayed to babysit my favorite li'l tikes, D & A again.

The next weekend was the Michigan game which I was actually able to go to this time. It was a pretty fun day despite the rainy morning. Mom gave us rain suits to borrow so I stayed pretty dry. It was a heartbreak of a day, and rather exhausting but we got some quality time just the two of us.

We came home that Sunday night and spent time moving furniture, cleaning & organizing and doing all sorts of household chores that I need or wanted his help with for two days before he went back to work.

And speaking of work, he has yet another new job on base. He's doing a 6 months cycle at the 24-hour operations center here which is similar to what he did on the deployment. He's got 10 days of regular schedule for training and then he starts the random daily schedule and 12 hour shifts.


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