I realized why I have such a lag in posts.  It's because I love to share pictures.  But I don't love getting them off my camera, apparently.  My desktop in the office is supposed to serve that function, but it currently doesn't have a screen.  T thought it would be an easy fix, but it's still not done like 4 months later.  Anyway.  He snapped some cute ones on his phone so there will be something.

We spent Christmas with T's side of the family in Kansas.  It was a really lovely week - even though 4 days of it were driving with a dog and very cranky 6 month old :).  As always, it never feels like enough time but we sure tried to make the most of it. 

Being 6 months old, H wasn't really into the whole presents thing, but she sure did like playing with all her toys.  Aunt C enjoyed reading her all her new books.  I, unfortunately, was sick and missed a lot on Christmas day, but we had more than enough hands to help I'm not sure H even missed me :). 

 My aunt is such a good sharer!

 Opening my stocking


Playing with some new toys

Torturing my godfather! :)


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