Did you hear?

We're having another baby.  I would hope by now anyone who might still be reading this would know.  Seeing as I'm 34 weeks pregnant, today.

It's a boy this time, which made me think we might be able to be done.  But as I play with H and box up all her old clothes as she moves up in sizes I think I might want to try once more for another girl.  I know there are no guarantees, but I definitely won't have a 2nd princess if we don't try.  This time, a year or few in between though, hopefully.

I definitely can't blame my blogging laziness on lack of things to share, this time.  We've been quite busy.  Mostly, I only remember I'm doing this around Christmas time when we put it on our holiday cards.  So even if my dedication continues to dwindle and the posts are semi-annual recaps, I hope it's still enjoyable.  I should link these posts to facebook, both for accountability and to remind those who have long since thrown away our holiday greetings that we still do things.

To get you up to speed, we have left Texas.  We were there for just shy of 11 months.  We are ultimately heading to Sin City (Vegas) at the end of the summer.  But the Air Force has us making a pit stop in New Mexico.  Hot, southern, barren dessert New Mexico.  We live in a TLF (temporary lodging facility) which is a glorified hotel room.  We do have a full stove & refrigerator in the small kitchen which is essential.

The first month or two weren't bad.  It was new, the weather was nice.  H & I had a routine of a walk in the morning, nap, park all afternoon, nap & playing with toys inside at night.  But now it's eleven billion degrees all day (official measurement brought to you by my 8 months pregnant internal thermostat).  Which makes getting outside a challenge.  And that's sad, because baby girl LOVES to go outside.  She's got some baby sign language down and sometimes she'll just go to the door and aggressively sign "please".  It's heartbreakingly adorable.

We just finished our 3rd month, here with 2 more to go.  H & I spent most of it back in the beautiful midwest with my family.  We had a wedding to attend on the 23rd.  My mom came down for her 1st birthday so she and I went home with grandma and stayed there for almost 3 weeks.  We missed daddy, but it was a great break from the heat, dessert & small living quarters.  I really wish I weren't so pregnant (for many, many reasons) but mostly because I wish I were able to travel again this month.  I think it would be great to spend a week or two of July in Kansas with her other family.  I'd be there in a heartbeat if I weren't about ready to burst :(.

For those of you keeping track of the timeline, yes that's 6 weeks til baby and about 7.5 til graduation and moving to Vegas.  We're not insane, and we didn't plan it this way, but in the AF you just gotta roll with it.  I'm hoping baby comes early - H was 6 days early and statistically 2nd babies are more likely to be early than late.  Living in this small space with a 1 year old and a newborn will take patience and the Grace of God, but I think it will be preferable to the 800 mile drive with a two day old. 

And that's where we are.  I hope to update with some of the things we've been doing since being here, and not ignoring this until it's time to order holiday cards 2012!  Thanks for catching up with us.


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