Our Easter was definitely different this year.  It was the first time we really didn't have anything special to do.  You would've thought spending Easter TDY en route in a TLF in New Mexico would've broken that barrier, but you'd be wrong.  We had a fun celebration last year watching mass from ND online in jammies because the twins decided to wake up at 4:30 in the morning and H spent half the night puking all over herself and her pack 'n' play.  Definitely not uneventful.  Allie even hid eggs full of cheerios and puffs and Joei made "carrots" repackaging goldfish crackers. 

Notice the lack of me doing anything.  Moving on to this year.  We returned from our 3000 mile road trip (recapped in multiple posts to come) on Holy Thursday.  And we had a dinner party/game night to attend on Good Friday.  Most of you know me well, are we even fully unpacked yet?  Of course not.  I have done laundry, but we're living clean clothes out of the suitcase and tote bags.

So setting the scene, we basically went to mass on Easter morning.  Then we had brunch because I had a groupon for a place across from the grocery store, where we also needed to go.  There were no baskets.  No egg hunts.  Nothing but dressing up cute and worship.  I bought the stuff to make cookies, but it's still in the cupboard.  I'm kind of glad I didn't go all out because mass messed with naps and everyone was Cah-rabby.  And T had to go into work that afternoon which always takes the special out of an occasion. 

They don't really know what it is, and they certainly won't remember it so I'll get 'em next year.  Unless this visit grandma/grandpa for spring break road trip becomes a tradition.  Then grandma better get on it to do Easter things at her house ;).  But we were nothing if not adorable:


 Like a little bell

 Put your skirt down, silly girl!

 Sibling love 

 I'm all done with this, mom

 Kisses, bro. I'm out. 

Such a helpful sissy

And silly girl dancing to her own song. . .


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