14 months, 3 days.

That's how old B was yesterday.

That's also how old H was when B was born.  I just cannot get over the difference between the kids.  I know, I know, I say ALL THE TIME how I'm amazed at their differences.  When I'm not talking about how I can't remember if they did something differently.

But I just keep thinking about if things were reversed.  If I had brought her home to him at this age.  I think I'd be in an institution.

Having them close together was not without it's challenges.  That picture accurately described me on occasion as it was.  But she's always been such a miniature grown-up, and when we brought B home she was much more a child.  He's still a baby.

The only thing they have in common it feels is that they both walk.  She had about 25 signs and was putting multiple ones together to tell us what she wants.  He only knows about 5 and it seems like he can only use one per day all day.  Everything on Monday was "all done".  Yesterday everything was "please".  I KNOW YOU'RE STANDING AT ME SAYING PLEASE BUT PLEASE WHAT!?!?

I just can't imagine trying to keep him happy and his neediness tended to while also having a newborn. H was so independent and communicative.  I feel like even though she was 1, we functioned as though she were 2 or 3.

I wonder if it's just because they are inherently different.  Or if it's due to the environment she had when it was only her.  I'm sure it's a combination of both.  And I'm sure I'm remembering this with the rose-colored glasses & clarity that come with hindsight.  I do remember not leaving the house with both kids by myself for months.  I remember the crying baby-toddler and the pooping newborn.  I remember the lack of sleep and energy and wondering when oh when will they be able to play with each other and leave me alone!?!?!?

Either way, I'm glad we're not bringing home a newborn into this situation.  And despite your best efforts, Kirin, it must stay that way.  Andrew & Alexis and Harper & Kennedy, too, for that matter -- although they are much less of a threat since I can't snuggle & smell them whenever I want.


  1. It's the same with me and my brother (we're actually 14 months apart, minus three days) - we've just always been completely different people. And I suppose some of it could be because he was the first born, but I really think we were pretty much raised the same and are just inherently different. I never felt like we were treated differently because I was younger, or because I was a girl or anything - my parents always had very set rules and budgets for everything that applied equally to both of us and we went through so many milestones at the same time, up through starting college the same week.


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