Another year over

And as usual, the posting has dropped off.  It's not for lack of things. In fact, it seems the more we do which are worthy of blogging, less energy I have to blog.  It's a terrible catch 22. So since I left you at Halloween . . . 
  • T went TDY again to SOS for 2 months 
  • My in-laws visited me and the kids
  • Thanksgiving
  • My parents visited
  • The kids and I flew back to Ohio for a couple weeks
  • I went to DC for a baptism
  • Christmas
  • New Years
And regular life was filling the space between.  I suppose this gives me more material for my poorly executed "flashback friday" segment.  I've still got H's first birthday and a few things from New Mexico in my draft folder.  We've lived in Vegas for almost a year and a half.

Also I still haven't mailed our Christmas Cards.  The ones that I was so desperate to have Christmas photos for we braved the mall portrait studio on black friday so we could have 'em. Yup, a few were hand delivered in OH.  The rest are in a stack on my desk.  I was going to address and mail them all from Ohio, but I had surprisingly little down time except when B & I were siiiiiiiick.  I know, lying in bed would've been perfect for it, but it didn't happen.

I still plan to send them, because what else am I gonna do with 70 cards, but for the time being, here's a virtual holiday greeting:

I'd make promises about spending time on here, but let's be honest, none of us want that disappointment.  Every day the kids are getting better about having independent play time so we'll see. But also every day there's the toy explosion, dishes, laundry, and books & TV to catch up on. Who knows. 

I leave you today with this adorable moment from earlier today.  I was filling up their milks getting ready to go to the Y.  I hear from B "hug. hug. hug. sissy. hug. sissy. hug."

Love it when they love each other! 


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