Finger Art

We recently added a display area for artwork in our playroom. We had been wanting to this FOREVER but we needed Ikea. Which is in California. Which is not convenient.

I'm sure there are other ways we could have accomplished this same goal but I didn't want to figure it out. The Ikea curtain string was perfect for what I wanted and I was fixated. Fortunately for me, they recently expanded their online shopping function to include some of their smaller items. Beats a 5 hour drive to Covina and having to actually go to Ikea which tests even the strongest of relationships.

Well T got it hung up last night and I decided we needed to put some artwork on it. We tried coloring this morning but it just wasn't as fun as tearing all the pages out of the coloring book. And H wanted to use colored pencils which didn't last very long in the hands of toddlers.

I remembered we had finger paints. Cheap and very very old finger paints. We bought them in New Mexico for a mother's day project in 2012. Which of course didn't happen. I was pregnant living in a hotel room and H wasn't even 1 yet.

So we ventured into the age old art of finger painting. B did much better than I expected he would with staying seating and also not trying to eat too much of the paint. H is in a layering phase with all her art where instead of utilizing the whole paper, she fixates on one spot and just colors over and over. We have a rainbow colored Pongo hanging up on the wall, too.

Needless to say, bath "night" got moved up to bath "early afternoon". But now they're clean and it's one less step before bed time. Plus they took naps after so it's not like we ruined the whole take a bath and then go to bed aspect of the routine.

H was very happy to show off her masterpiece. B, however, was OVER IT!

I made a picture, too.

That's a Pony by a rainbow. I am so talented.


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