This morning we had an event with MOMS club which was a tour of Lowe's (thanks, Sarah!). It was really neat!  The kids got goody bags and a small apron. We started outside in the garden section and everyone got a flower to take home and take care of.

Then they walked us to a few different departments. There were treats at every stop which kept the kids excited. We saw appliances, flooring and the lumber area. Back there, we all got a little project to make! It's really cool.  I didn't think to ask if this was a thing all Lowe's locations do, or just our local one, but every other saturday they have project workshops like this for kids. You can sign up online!

We did a valentine "wheel of love". We got small hammers and the wood pieces that we had to hammer together. H wasn't so much into the goggles, but B thought they were pretty cool.

Poor little bub had to be stuck in the cart, but I was not brave enough to try and keep an eye on him while doing a project. We did get a project kit to take home to put together for him. Maybe now that I know what I'm doing, his will be better!

She used the hammer once, to humor me, but then she just sat and talked to me while I put it together. When it came time to decorate it with stickers, though, she was all ready to participate!

"It's so beautiful".

I'm definitely excited to do this again when they're a little older and can really appreciate what's happening and how to help a little bit. A friend and I were talking about how we'd love to do one for grown-ups, too!


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