2014 Newsletter

Well this blog is meant to serve as a periodic update to our lives. So we don't have the task of completing a year-end wrap up to stuff in your christmas cards. Where you inevitably ramble on for far too long or forget a few key things. Or if you're me, quite likely you end up guilty of both.

But since I'm an abysmal blogger, I usually end up writing a pretty long year in-review post anyway. Because only a handful of events are written about as they occur.  Insert the usual apology and vow to do better. Being real, y'all know how the next year will go.

So big updates. H has begun school. We weren't sure if we were going to do preschool, but we decided on a great Montessori school. She's doing really well. She's a rather strong willed child, and likes to do things in her own time & way - which is one of the reasons we wanted to put her in Montessori. She had a bit of a rocky start with defiance of the teachers. But at her conference before Thanksgiving everyone agreed she is doing very well now. Her progress report was marked as M (mastered) W(work in progress) N (not introduced). She had a lot of Ms but most of the boxes were for letter recognition and sound - which we taught her (ha, no which she somehow picked up on her own) at home before school began.

She's working on numbers 11 - 20 and reading 3 letter words. Overall I think this was a great decision. She's making friends, she likes going to class, and she's learning things I don't have the skills or patience to teach her at home. If only it weren't so far away and expensive. #whitewhine.

Speaking of school, T is almost finished with his master's degree. He has been working very hard over the last year+ doing his job, family, and online coursework. He would have liked to continue on the computer science path, but the practicality of it in his current AF job just wasn't there. And anything he would've learned would be antiquated by the time he plans to separate from the military. So he chose a program to help him more with his AF career as he (hopefully) moves up the chain of command - Organizational Leadership. It's been a really flexible course with his research and paper topics being able to focus on military and sometime even focused Air Force specific.

He would have been done by the end of this calendar year, but circumstance at work caused him to defer his capstone class to the spring session. But with just one class left and as long as things at his job progress as intended he should have the degree finished up around the end of April!

B & I are less exciting. But we're super cute so that counts, right? He actually is talking a lot and may actually be as smart as his sister. We were pretty sure she was gonna carry his grades so he could stay sports eligible, but he might make 'em on his own :).  He's kind of interested in the potty, but I'm definitely not ready for that so it's not making great progress. He does pretty well on days he wears his "turtles panties" -- in hindsight we probably should've used a more generic term like "undies" but we trained a girl first and she got to pick out her own big girl panties and now we all wear panties. Even daddy's undergarments are daddy panties. *see shrug from above*

Aunt K is getting married next spring so we have a little flower girl & ring barer to prep. And currently planning on taking 2 weeks of time to spend in the area - 1 to see the Whites if they're still there and wedding prep & 1 for family after the wedding festivities are over. Actually she and Uncle J are getting married on our anniversary SO grandma & I decided that's our thing now. Uncle D can only now get married in 2020 or 2026 so he and his wife-to-be will also be married on that day. If she's not okay with that, she clearly isn't good enough for you D. It's a Clark family tradition. Then instead of having to coordinate who does what on which holiday we just all get together and Gamma & Gampa's for a party each May, and on special years drop off our children while the 6 of us go on vacation somewhere. It's perfect. And practical.

I will turn 30 with the dawn of 2015. We're doing Vegas like 21 year olds. Like Bachelor/Bachelorettes. Like the movies.* We have hotels. We have childcare. We have loved ones joining the celebration. I currently plan on winning a massive jackpot. I've offered to sponsor private school tuition for one year for our friends with my winnings. I'm also going to pay off our house and possibly move to the magnificent houses I jog past and decorate in my head to pass the time. There will probably be no sharable pictures and the recap will be. . .

*(Let's be real, not really. I'm prematurely old with a body that aches when it rains. I'll probably be asleep by 12:05 and too hungover the next day to function)


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