Flashback Friday: Easter in Clovis

I hope everyone is having a blessed Good Friday. I thought I'd take a little trip back to New Mexico and recall H's first Easter. I mentioned it in passing when detailing last year's Easter (lack of) festivities.

As I continue to beat the point to death, I remind you we spent 6 months basically living in a hotel room in the summer in New Mexico. This included Easter 2012. Not much room for entertaining and certainly not the best equipment to cook with.  Allie to the rescue! I think this is the trip that Jenn & I could not wait for the boys to get done with their training so we took all the babies up early and the boys drove up later that night.

Loki is such a patient doggie

It was great to get to a house with a yard and spend the holiday with friends!  Like I disclosed before we did not make it to Easter mass. Clovis is small and there was only one catholic service that morning. H had worried us all with her exorcist like puking the night before and the twins were up at 4:30 so it was time for a nap by the time we'd all need to leave. Fortunately for us, we know Notre Dame broadcasts its masses from the basilica weekly and on holy days. So we pulled up service and made sure to dedicate some of the morning to prayer. Then we continued on to brunch.

Three good cooks and a nice kitchen led to a tasty spread!  After fueling up and trying to get the babies to eat something of nutritional value, we moved on to the egg hunt/baskets.

They were pretty easy to find, but it was still tricky for the 1-year-olds. And they LOVED it. Allie was kind enough to fill the gifts with crackers and cheerios and puffs instead of candy, which we parents who had long drives ahead of us greatly appreciated.

It was a super fun day. I only wish the life of the Air Force didn't prevent it from becoming a tradition. We miss these friends so much, every day! xoxox


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