Christmas Card Rejects

We went down to Town Square today with friends to see Santa and take pictures for our Christmas Card. We thought it most practical and fun to just go with another couple and take each others' photos. No hiring a photographer or visiting a studio.

We got enough good ones for the card. Which I have designed & paid for. It should arrive next week. The bottleneck in the process is addressing & mailing. If at this point you're thinking, did I get a card from them last year? No. The answer is No. I still have a stack of these. That was your card last year. 

I hope I've gotten them early enough, and with T not TDY this year I'm optimistic I'll get them mailed. But the cute card you get in the mail isn't nearly as fun as the attempts to achieve the cute card you get in the mail. I present for your enjoyment, the rejected holiday card photos . . . 

Aaaand we tried to get one of all 4 kids together. Just a reminder it's ages 5, 3, 2, 1. 

Oh well. We tried. And we had fun. Plus we saw Santa. 

Happy Holidays, Everyone!!


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