So H is really into coloring right now.  It's cute.  And when Mingming & Papa were here, they got her some crayons and color wonder kits.  But she started with regular pens and paper which she still sometimes likes to use.

I gave her some to occupy her when I put B down for his morning nap and she was content at her table coloring so I left her go and got on to check my computer.  She comes to the office gate with pen marks all over her stomach.  I should add, we took off her jammies to go potty this morning and she preferred they stay off.  Anyway. . .

H:  Color body. Color body.

Mommy:  Ohhh noooo.  That's not a good idea, baby.  You have to color paper.

*goes back to the table and starts coloring on her paper*

H: color yeg?

Mommy:  No.  If you color your leg, Mommy has to take your pen away.

*pensive look.  swings her arms and accidentally hits her leg with the pen*

H: ooops.  Here, mommy.

*hands me the pen.  I take it*

H:  Fank you, mommy.  

I debated sharing that story, because she is NOT usually that well-behaved.  In fact, I was shocked that my statement of taking her pen away wasn't met with running from me shouting "NOOOOOOOOO!"  But it was too cute and too funny to not share.  She just cracks me up sometimes. 


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