My husband has been a fan of sushi since college.  Me, not so much.  The concept just always freaked me out and I'm not really much of a fish person.  I like shellfish, but that's pretty much it.  So it didn't interest me.  But I am a huge fan of Top Chef, and we realize we're in a pretty good place right now to experience all kinds of foods, unlike where most Air Force bases are.  So we made a pact to try different cuisines, different chefs, different foods with no changes and no playing it safe by choosing something we know we'll like. 

And I was finally ready to take a leap and try sushi.  My requirement was that we start with a really nice, well reviewed place.  I didn't want to have my first bites be bad or mediocre because then I wouldn't be interested in eating it again.  We went to Sen of Japan on a date night and it was awesome!  I told our waiter it was my first time ever (and really T's experience had been limited) and he asked if it would be okay if he just brought his recommendations to us.  Um, yes please! 

The bottom line is, we enjoyed it and now that we're in lent, we figured Friday nights would be a good opportunity to try different restaurants, less expensive and closer to home.  We tried a place last night that wasn't spectacular, but decent.  The amazing thing about it was H liked it.  And used her little kid chopsticks surprisingly well for not even being 2! 

She was having fun just saying "sushi" but a little hesitant to eat at first.  I got her to eat a piece of shrimp tempura that came with our roll and then she was all about it.  We gave her a piece of the roll and she at the rice and the filling.  T even tried to finish it when there was pretty much just the seaweed left and she said "No, daddy.  Down." while pointing to her plate.  She even asked for more, but she's a lot slower than we are and it was all gone, haha.  She did get cookies for being such an adventurous eater! 

Such a big girl!

 I think I like it!

 It was hard to get a shot with her actually using the chopsticks because it was so fast, but she did get quite a few bites with them!

Aaaand she finally notices me taking pictures so she started hammin' it up!


  1. What an amazing girl! I was just thinking about this too.

    She might be none too pleased with Dining Hall Lenten Fridays after this though...


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