We have friends stationed at Whiteman AFB in Missouri.  That's about 4 hours from the T's side of the family.  So we, of course, will never make a trip to Salina that does not include a jaunt to MO as long as we can help it.  We met this couple in TX during training.  They were a couple classes ahead of us, but since we moved so early to have H we got to know them.  Jenn brought us a meal after H's birth and later invited us to their 4th of July BBQ.  I was nervous, but I thought it would be a good idea to get out so I said yes.  Another friend wasn't in town for the holiday but after that I think the story goes that Jenn's words to Allie were "she had a newborn in one hand & a beer in the other; I think we should get to know her".  And a friendship was born.

I can't begin to explain how much I love this family.  Well I can, but not succinctly and it probably won't interest the majority of readers so I won't.  The Air Force life lends itself to making lots of acquaintances and people another friend and I label as "christmas card friends".  They're people you like very much and enjoy their company while you're stationed together, but after that you send cards and maybe catch up every now and then.  It's a necessary part of this life.  You can't possibly maintain close friendships with everyone you consider a friend at a duty station.  At least I can't. But then you find somebody you click with, loving instantly and always.  They fit that category.  Our weekend with them was all too brief, but still so fun!  Dan was getting ready to deploy so  he was actually around more than usual.  We basically did nothing, but we did it together!  We watched movies, we talked, we had drinks, and played with our kids.  It was perfect.  Jenn and I cooked.  The boys talked shop & cars.  They even got a huge snowstorm so our kids could experience snow since we missed it both in OH at Christmas and this winter at Mount Charleston.

 B was not so much a fan

H loved it!

Mommy taught her how to make snowballs

And tried to teach snow angels, but she didn't quite get it yet

 But "throwing" aka dropping snowballs on B was super fun


 B was happy as long as the wind didn't blow and daddy kept him held close

We did manage to have the girls' baptism that Sunday, but that is in a post to come . . .


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