The Artist Within

I recently had a girls night out with 2 fabulous ladies to Social Paintbrush.  It's a painting class of sorts.  Each night they have a particular painting that the group is going to learn how to create. They give you the paint, brushes & canvas and step by step instruction.

This was the painting we chose to go to:

"My Sun, My Tree"
That is the image on the calendar when we picked what class to go to.  The sample painting we had for reference was slightly different.

I will admit I was terrified!  I'm not artistic at all.  I can imagine great things.  I can watch someone else draw them and try to do it myself.  But it looks awful.  In college I took an elective in theatre scenery painting.  The teacher was cool, but pretty much my projects were met mostly with "aww honey.  you tried real hard".  But I thought it would be fun regardless of what the end product was, and I was right!

So I captured my progress photographically:

And the end result is . . .

 I'm super proud of it!  I actually want to hang it somewhere in the house.  And I kind of want to do more.  I think that it would make a really fun date night, although I don't know what we'd do with 2 of the same picture.  I guess they do couples nights where you each paint half of an overall painting.  Which would be cool, but also T is actually talented artistically, so I'm not sure how that would go.  I suppose in a couple years we could say it did it with one of the kids, haha.


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