Valentines fail

So we all know this already, but here's another friendly reminder that I am the worst. 

We get pictures taken of the kids, order prints to mail to our loved one who we know would want them.  And then it doesn't happen.  I still have Christmas presents in my closet I never got to the post office with.  So since B's 6 month pictures were taken in early February, I thought: Genius! We'll order valentines instead of prints and send them to people like holiday cards. 

They're still on my desk waiting to be addressed.  In fairness, the original plan was to get them from the portrait studio, BUT that experience was awful and the print review person wasn't helpful at all.  Plus their card designs weren't what I wanted.  So I made my own through snapfish.  I even paid extra for fast shipping.  But it took them longer than expected to "process" the order and they didn't come until Feb 13. 

My parents had just arrived for the long weekend and I didn't do it right away.  Under the mindset of, well no one will get these by tomorrow anyway, so I'll get them done in a couple days.  Bad idea, self.  I attempted to send them 2 weeks ago, but I needed to get a lot of addresses and find all the old prints for people.  Again, I got sidetracked.  The problem is every time I start to do it when the kids are awake, they're never content alone for long enough that I can finish.  And by the time they are FINALLY in bed for the day, I don't want to do anything but have a glass of wine and entertain myself with a book or the TV before going to bed and doing it all over again. 

Then all of a sudden it's March and well past the appropriate time frame to randomly send valentines to people.  That's what they look like. Who wants one still?  (best if you message me your address on facebook if you do)


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