Bookworm II

It's well established by now that Pants loves books.  Loves being read to and "reading" them on her own. I was afraid that maybe my little Tank would not be so into them.  He has not been read to anywhere close to as often as she was.  I mean, he still hears me read to his sister, but that's always when he's content with something else.  And I'm ashamed to admit it, but he has only had a bedtime story a handful of times.

It seems lately that he actually likes books.  Currently, mostly for eating, haha, but he looks at them, too!   We still don't sit down and read together as much as we should, and I'm not sure if he really likes that.  But he enjoys scoot-crawling to them and opening them. 

 what is this 'book' you speak of?

 and how does it work?

 I think I got it now!

Hi, everyone :)


  1. He looks like H when he smiles like that. Is that his blanket?!

    My poor brother heard a lot of "girl books" too ;)

    1. The white thing is a burp cloth. The princess is H's little couch. His is the red one which has Sesame Street characters on it.

      Fortunately, most of our books are gender neutral, but in truth we don't care about that so much. He uses a pink & purple blanket at lot. H helps daddy with his car repair. We're very much like be who you are & like what you like; it's okay if it's not considered normal. :)


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