Picnic Day!

So the stormy season is upon us out here in Vegas.  Or at least a stormy week.  But it's so nice!  Yeah, the humidity is a bit much now that my body has gotten acclimated to the dryness.  However, the temperatures are cooler, the breeze is up and the sun is covered up by clouds.  Plus I love love love the rain.  The smell & the sound is so soothing.

On Sunday, T came home from his midnight shift headed into his weekend and then leave for a wedding this coming weekend.  He decided he wanted to try and stay up a bit - have breakfast together, play a bit, then take a nap to get through the evening but keeping so that he'd still be tired to go to bed like a "normal" person.  We wanted to take advantage of the fact that it was breezy and 85 so we decided to have a picnic lunch.

I went to the grocery store to grab some quick sushi.  If you recall, H has been introduced and is a fan

But holy crackers, B can put away a roll like nobody's business!  He begs for our table scraps like a stray dog - even though he refuses to eat off his plate when it's the EXACT SAME THING.  I digress.  We found out that he loves sushi, too.  H is still pretty tentative about everything but the rice & tempura. But B will shove a roll in his mouth and grab his next one.

He ate 7 roll slices.  SEVEN!  The kids pack had 15 pieces in it.  We had 3 leftover at the end.  I love it!  It's just ask quick and easy as other fast foods, but healthier.  It makes me feel good about being too lazy to prepare lunch.  Rices & veggies & fish that my kids think is a special treat? Sold!  I'm hoping to go out to a Japanese restaurant with my parents when we're home for the wedding.  Maybe Papa seeing the 1 year old down sushi will give him the courage to actually try it ;).

Since our last picnic was Father's day and the pictures were all about Daddy, I thought I'd get in some this time.

After eating our lunch we decided a rest in the shady breeze was the obvious choice.

B & mommy selfie! There's too much technology these days.  Don't worry, I judge me too.  


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