A&A's Baptism

So I know I got a little behind in recapping the last major event of our trip to KS/MO.  In my last post, you saw our kids enjoying snow for the first time!  This was super exciting, but it made the plans to get the girls baptized a little rocky.

We were incredibly touched & honored last fall when they asked us to be the girls' godparents.  Now, whether they like it or not, they're stuck with us!  :)   We absolutely love those girls so much and we are thrilled to be a part of the upbringing team.  It takes a village and all that.

The snow started coming down on Saturday afternoon and it wasn't supposed to stop all night.  There was a LOT of it and the drive to base is long on a good day.  But we bundled up, allowed plenty of time and made it.

 Their Pants thought it was good fun!

 Her sister was not so sure about it . . . 

It was Palm Sunday so they didn't want to do it during mass, as it was already going to be incredibly long.  We had a private ceremony in the sacraments chapel.  Fortunately one of their friends from base was there and she took pictures.  While holding B & feeding crackers to H.  She had like 4-5 kids so she was experienced in the circus.  We were lucky she was there or we'd have significantly fewer pictures and a lot more interruption by my little loud ones. 


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