That day it was only 99

T has been on another TDY -- this should be the last one, at least for this particular subject matter, woohoo! 

It's a lot harder to do when it's so dang hot.  The last time he left, we went to the park in the evening more than half the days he was gone.  It's about a mile walk from our house so that helped pass the time, plus it got me active and feeling good.  Then we played, came home, had dinner & poof it was bedtime (the most glorious time of the day)!

Now it's too hot to do anything.  We have a membership to an indoor play area space by the grocery store, but now especially that B is out of the infant carrier and into an actual car seat it's a lot more hassle to throw them both in the car to go somewhere.  But more importantly, they LOVE being outside.  So it's really sad to tell them they can't go because it's face-meltingly hot and the sun will burn their pasty little German-Irish skin. 

The other day we were going a tad stir crazy and I looked at the weather app on my phone.  99!  It's only double digits, lets do thisss!  So we walked to a little playground in our community.  It's not the big park, but it's a little closer, and more protected from the wind & setting sun.  It was still hot, but I didn't feel like dying so that's a win.  We took Piper because she is getting fat.  We had the place to ourselves but it was fun.  B loves climbing anything and everything so the playground is a haven.  H is just starting to be interested in chasing games & hiding games so we ran around a bit.  Even let Pipe off leash and threw the ball.  Her out-of-shape butt did not last long, but she still loved being with us. 

 "mooommmyyyy, I rove you! You sit right there!!"

Climbin' Simon


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