People who say that you'll be a great parent because you are/were a great babysitter are crazy.  I was always good with kids and babysat all throughout high school.  Even some times during college when I was home.  I loved the families and I seemed to have endless patience.

Everyone always said, "you're so good with kids, you'll be a great mom someday".  False.  Here's the problem with that sentiment.  You only have to have endless patience for a few hours.  You can play the mindless monotonous games of toddlerhood with great enthusiasm because you get to go home soon.  And you get paid.  It's much harder to build the block tower and gasp "OH NO, CRASH!!" over and over when it's your life and there's no end in sight.

I bring you Sabrina from last week's Raising Hope, perfectly illustrating this situation:


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